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How to Reset, Change & Set Lock on Samsonite Luggage: Step by Step

Set Lock on Samsonite Luggage
Set Lock on Samsonite Luggage

How to set lock on samsonite luggage: There is no doubt that Samsonite is a very distinctive budget-friendly brand among others, which is why so many people love to purchase their luggage. After purchasing a Samsonite luggage, you might also have questions regarding the locking, unlocking, or resetting of the luggage. 

One key aspect of ensuring your belongings’ safety while traveling abroad for a holiday or trip is understanding how to set the lock on your Samsonite luggage. Due to the variety of lock types available, the process can vary slightly. Our in-depth guide covers how to set locks on various types of Samsonite luggage with step-by-step instructions.

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What needs to setup Samsonite luggage locks

We’ll show you how to set lock on samsonite luggage with the right process. 

Organizer clip for luggage

Despite its simplicity, a luggage strap plays an important role in setting the lock. While you go through the locking process, keep your luggage secure with the strap. Furthermore, it acts as a second layer of protection for your luggage, preventing accidental opening.

Tool for resetting combination locks

The combination lock reset tool can be useful when you need to change or forget your lock combination. By resetting the combination, you can ensure that only you have access to the contents of your luggage.

Pencil or pen marker

When you travel, you may find that a simple marker pen is invaluable. Make a discreet note of your lock combination on your luggage after setting your combination. In this way, you do not have to worry about forgetting the combination and can access it whenever you need it. Furthermore, if you want to identify your luggage easily, you can use a marker pen to label it with your name.

Pulls for zippers

With zipper pulls, you can make your luggage more secure and easier to use. Your luggage’s zippers can be fitted with these small attachments, which make it easier for you to open and close them. As well as providing a better grip, zipper pulls limit unauthorized individuals’ ability to open your luggage.

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How to set number lock on samsonite suitcase

If you want to set Samsonite luggage lock, you must first know what type of luggage lock comes with Samsonite suitcases, before proceeding to the instructions. Mainly two types of luggage lock 

  1. Combination Lock
  2. TSA-approved lock

It can be a little confusing if you’ve never set a combination on a suitcase or luggage lock before. Let’s take a closer look at both types of luggage locks and how to set and reset them.

1. Combination Lock: How to set 3-Digit combination lock on Samsonite Luggage 

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As a standard feature of many Samsonite pieces, such as attaches and other bags, Samsonite includes a combination lock that contains a three-digit code. You can change the lock combination as often as you like after purchasing it. The lock is initially set up with a factory default combination.

Step 1:

There is usually a default combination code set for Samsonite luggage that has combination locks, which usually is “000” or a similar number. If not Verify your specific model’s default code in the manual or accompanying documentation.

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Step 2:

Start by ensuring the lock is in the open position. Rotate the dials to the default combination (e.g., “000”) to align with the reference point (usually a marked line or indicator).

Image source: samsonite.com

Step 3:

Hold a pencil tip or a paper clip against the reset button on the side of the lock with a pointed object, while the lock is still open. The button will remain pressed when the pen is removed.

Image source: samsonite.com

Step 4:

Hold the reset button down while turning the dials to the combination you prefer. Ensure that the combination you choose is not easily guessable by others while being easy for you to remember.

Image source: samsonite.com

Step 5:

As soon as you have selected the combination you want, release the reset button. You should now be able to use the new combination.

All done, Your newly set combination will be recorded as the dials on the lock are positioned correctly. Lock it by pressing the release button or pulling the shackle. Enter your new combination and unlock the lock to verify it works properly.

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2. TSA Lock: How to set lock on samsonite luggage tsa007

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) authorizes locks designed to protect luggage from damage during inspection. You can set up Samsonite luggage locks in the following ways:

Step 1:

The first step in locking your suitcase involves finding the two metal panels on the side of it. Samsonite luggage with TSA locks usually comes with a default combination code, such as “000” or “123”. Check your model’s user manual or any accompanying documentation for the default code.

Image source: samsonite.com

Step 2:

You need to make sure that the lock is open. To align the dials with the reference point (usually a line or indicator), rotate them to the default combination (such as “000”).

Image source: samsonite.com

Step 3:

Once the lock is open, the button to reset it can be found on the side of the lock. Press and hold the reset button with a pointed object, like a pen or a paperclip.

Image source: samsonite.com

Step 4:

Select a new combination by turning the dials to the desired numbers while holding the reset button. If you choose a combination, make sure that it is easily rememberable but difficult to guess.

Image source: samsonite.com

Step 5:

When your new combination has been set, release the reset button. Now that the lock has been programmed with the new combination, it should work as expected.

Done! Your newly set combination should align the dials on the lock so it can be closed. Make sure the shackle clicks into place after you push it down. You can verify that your new combination works by entering it and opening the lock.

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What is the default TSA lock on a Samsonite?

It is common for Samsonite luggage locks to be factory-set with a default combination of 0-0-0. The combination works for every type of lock provided by Samsonite luggage. If you are unable to recall your custom combination, a Samsonite Authorized Repair Centre can assist you. 

How to reset Samsonite lock if forgot password

As in the previous section, We know how to set samsonite luggage lock for the first time. In some cases, Samsonite luggage can be locked and the combination code is forgotten. Don’t worry, we will show you How to reset Samsonite lock if forgot password and get on your way without a hitch.

Step 1 

You will need the following: 

  • A little bit of patience.
  • Samsonite luggage that is locked.

Step 2

On the lock mechanism, find the reset button. In most cases, it is discreetly placed. Press down on the pen tip or a similar slender object to access it. Upon completing this action, the lock will revert to a combination-setting mode as per its default configuration.

Step 3

The lock is now ready for customization. Create a memorable and secure combination. Here are some tips you should consider:

  • Pick a sequence that isn’t easily associated with you (avoid birthdates or anniversaries).
  • Use a combination of numbers that represent something meaningful to you but isn’t obvious to others.
  • Remember the numbers and make sure they are not easy to guess at the same time.

Step 4

Make sure your new combination works before you seal the deal. When the digits are aligned, pull the lock gently to see if it opens. 

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How do I reset my Samsonite tsa lock?

Please note that these tips are useful for all types of TSA locks. For example, unlocking samsonite luggage with a forgotten code, such as tsa002, tsa007, etc.

You will find that the Samsonite lock is set to 0-0-0 once you receive your suitcase. Your suitcase’s zippers will unlock when you slide the TSA lock.

Here are the steps to reset your combination:

  1. The pin hole is located next to the dial. The pin hole can be pushed with a pen or pencil.
  2. Make sure the dial is set to the appropriate combination (ex. 111).
  3. Slide the TSA lock to set.
  4. Ensure that the zippers are snapped back into the lock once more.

Your new combination needs to be tested.

  1. Try unlocking your suitcase by mixing up the combination.
  2. You have now set your new combination. Once you have chosen your combination (ex. 111), turn the dials back to the selected number and slide the TSA lock to unlock the case.

How to reset Samsonite TSA Cable Lock

Samsonite locks are set to 0-0-0 with cables inserted through zippers.

Follow these steps to reset your reset samsonite TSA CABLE LOCK

  1. The TSA button can be unlocked by sliding it. When the cable is released, the zippers are accessed and the cable is slid through.
  2. On the dial, locate the pinhole. Press the pin hole gently with the tip of a pencil or pen until you hear a clicking sound.
  3. Choose a combination on the dial (ex 111).
  4. Click the TSA button once you hear it click. The new combination will be set this way.

To test your new combination,

  1. Push the cable into the lock by sliding it back through the connecting zippers.
  2. Slide the TSA button after mixing up the combination.
  3. The new combination has been set. To use your lock, you need to dial the correct combination and pull the TSA release button to unlock the cable.

Final words: 

It is easy and effective to set a lock on samsonite luggage and enhance the security of your belongings during travel. I hope that you will find the step-by-step instructions provided in this guide helpful in unlocking your luggage and ensuring that it remains safe and secure from unauthorized access. For any further questions, you can contact Samsonite customer service.

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