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Unveiling the Secrets: Why are Mokobara bags so expensive?

In the world of fashion and accessories, certain brands like Travelpro or Samsonite stand out not just for their style but also for their exorbitant price tags. The best luggage for traveling should be durable and reliable. Mokobara is one such name that echoes opulence and exclusivity. In this article, Let’s find the answer to the intriguing question: Why is a Mokobara bag so expensive? Is it just a query or is it there?

Before we discuss why Mokobara bags are so expensive, let’s discuss an overview of Mokobara bags first.

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This Bengaluru-based startup was founded in 2019 by Sangeet Agarwal and Navin Parwal and offers a wide range of luggages, travel bags, wallets, kits, and sling bags. With a focus on contemporary aesthetics, the company now offers thoughtfully designed luggage bags, backpacks, and travel accessories.

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What does Mokobara mean? 

Known for thoughtfully designed, premium bags, Mokobara offers young, trendy luggage and bags. What exactly does Mokobara mean?

Mokobara is a distinctive luxury brand that draws inspiration from the cultural richness of the Maori tribes of New Zealand and the Swedish language. It is made up of the words ‘Moko’ and ‘bara’.  ‘Moko’ is a unique face tattoo that is used by people belonging to the Maori tribes in New Zealand. Tattoos represent attitude and personality. “Another word, ‘bara,’ is a Swedish word, Meaning ‘to carry’, and from the combination with ‘Mokobara’ came the name. According to the name, you should call it ‘carry your personality’ or ‘carry your identity’ wherever you go.

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Mokobara bags are expensive, aren’t they

What is the reason behind the high price of Mokobara bags? There are several factors that contribute to the perceived high cost of Mokobara bags:

Premium materials and construction: 

The materials used in Mokobara bags are often high-quality, such as polycarbonate shells, aluminium frames, and premium interior linings. While these materials are often chosen for their durability, lightness, and aesthetic appeal, they also have a higher cost than more common materials like polyester and nylon.

Innovative features and design: 

A number of innovative features are found in Mokobara bags, such as strong, TSA-approved locks, 360-degree spinner wheels, expandable compartments, and integrated charging ports to ensure that they are both stylish and functional. As a result of these features, the bag not only has greater functionality, but also adds to the overall price, proving that Mokobara is dedicated to cutting-edge design and practical usability in its bags.

Branding and Marketing: 

By positioning its luggage as a premium brand, Mokobara targets tourists who appreciate quality and design, as well as those who are willing to pay a premium price. The marketing and branding efforts of their brand make their bags seem to be more expensive than the average, including influencing partnerships and targeted advertising. 

Limited availability and distribution: 

Sangeet Agarwal and Navin Parwal founded Mokobara in 2019. Currently, the brand has a limited distribution network, but is expanding quickly. Having limited availability can create a sense of exclusivity and scarcity, which may drive up prices.

However, if you think about it from my perspective, Mokobara bags may not be “high-priced.” Here are some additional factors to consider:

Quality and Design: 

It is worth the price for some travelers to invest in a Mokobara bag because of its high quality, innovative features, and premium design. According to them, these are investments that will last a lifetime and enhance their travel experience.

Comparison to other brands:

Compared to Briggs & Riley or Tumi, Mokobara’s prices may seem more affordable than the other premium luggage brands.

Warranty and customer service: 

Customers can expect outstanding customer service from Mokobara, as well as a six-year warranty on their bags. In the long run, peace of mind can offset the higher initial cost. It provides great support such as fixing luggage handles, zippers, and other problems

In the end, whether Mokobara bags are “worth the price” depends on the individual. Travel priorities, budgets, and needs all play a role. Each Mokobara bag is not just an accessory; it’s a statement, a symbol of refined taste and discerning style.

Is Mokobara a luxury brand?

According to our analysis, Mokobara can be considered a luxury luggage brand in Indian markets for several reasons:

Mokobara’s pricing strategy positions it as a premium player in the Indian luggage market, setting it apart from the majority of options available. While it doesn’t reach the exorbitant prices associated with international luxury brands, it significantly exceeds the norm for mid-range luggage. This deliberate pricing decision reflects Mokobara’s commitment to offering high-quality materials and construction, utilizing durable polycarbonate shells, aluminium frames, and premium interior linings.

By prioritizing superior craftsmanship over affordability, Mokobara distinguishes itself from mass-market competitors, appealing to consumers who value long-lasting, premium travel companions.

Furthermore, Mokobara’s emphasis on design, innovation, and targeted marketing contributes to its perception as a luxury luggage brand in India. The sleek, minimalist designs, coupled with innovative features like silent spinner wheels and built-in charging ports, cater to discerning travellers seeking both functionality and aesthetics. The brand’s strategic marketing approach, including influencer partnerships and a strong presence on social media and premium channels, reinforces a sense of exclusivity and aspiration.

Combined with a limited availability model, Mokobara succeeds in cultivating an image of scarcity and desirability, appealing to Indian consumers who crave a more elevated and distinctive travel experience.

While not competing with established international luxury giants, Mokobara occupies a unique space in the Indian luggage market. They cater to a growing audience of discerning travelers who prioritize design, quality, innovation, and exclusivity alongside functionality. This combination of factors positions them as a premium, aspirational brand within the Indian market, earning them a place within the “luxury” category in the local context.

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It is important to understand that the high cost of a Mokobara bag is not arbitrary; it reflects the brand’s unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, premium materials, sustainability, exclusivity, and brand experience. Ultimately, whether or not Mokobara bags are “worth the price” is a personal decision. It depends on your priorities, budget, and travel needs. But in my opinion, It might seem more economical to buy Mokobara luggage compared to Briggs & Riley, Delsey or Tumi brand.