Budget-Friendly Travels: 9 Best Trolley Bags under 5000 [January 2024]

Trolley Bags under 5000

It’s not necessary to compromise quality when traveling on a budget. For this reason, we are providing a guide for finding the best trolley bag under budget in the range of 5000 rs (Updated on January 2024). Without sacrificing quality these luggage are made with high-quality materials and durable that built to last.

When it comes to finding the best trolley bags under 5000, there are plenty of options that offer durability, style, and convenience without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or a weekend adventurer, It is crucial to invest in the appropriate travel luggage to ensure a smooth trip.

Importance of Choosing the Right Trolley Bag

It is important to choose the right trolley bag for a seamless travel experience. The wrong choice can lead to discomfort, inconvenience, and even damage to your belongings. This article explores the best trolley bags available for under 5,000, ensuring that you don’t have to compromise quality for affordability.

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Are the budget-friendly trolley bags Good?

It is common for people to think that budget-friendly trolley bags are not of good quality, but that is not true. Budget-friendly luggage also provides durability, style, and functionality similar to high-end luggage. If you buy after doing some research and review. Brands such as American Tourister, Samsonite, Nasher Miles, and Safari provide high-quality bags at affordable prices. Here Our IBC24 team reviews trolley bags under 5000, looking at features, user reviews, and price.

Things to Consider when Choosing Trolley Bags Under Budget

A. Size and Capacity

The size and capacity of a trolley bag are the first factors to consider when selecting one. A bag should be spacious enough to accommodate your belongings while adhering to airline size restrictions. Our goal is to find the right balance between storage and size.

B. Material and Durability

Choosing the right material for a trolley bag determines its durability and resistance to wear. From polycarbonate to ballistic nylon, we compare the pros and cons of different materials to ensure that your trolley bag will withstand travel’s rigors.

C. Design and Style

A trolley bag’s design and style an important factors that contribute to the overall travel experience as well as its functionality. Our team also considers options that cater to diverse preferences, combining aesthetics with practicality.

E. Wheel Quality

It’s important to have wheels that roll smoothly through airports and other travel hubs so that you can navigate them effortlessly. We also check the wheel quality of trolley bags under 5000, ensuring that your travel is not hindered by clunky or malfunctioning wheels.

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F. Water-Resistant Materials

Water-resistant trolley bags add an extra layer of protection to your belongings during unpredictable weather. We also look at water-resistant bags that will keep you and your belongings dry in unexpected downpours.

G. Additional Features

Beyond the basics, many trolley bags come with additional features. From built-in locks to USB charging ports, we explore the extra elements that enhance the functionality and convenience of a trolley bag.

Best Trolley Bags Under 5000: Review & Tested

Various affordable trolley bags are available on the market in different sizes, here are some of the best options that you can get for under 5000 rs.

Sr No.

Product Image

Product Name



American Tourister Ivy 68 cms Medium


Safari Pentagon 65 cms Medium


Nasher Miles Istanbul Hard-Sided Cabin Luggage


Kamiliant 68 cms Medium Check-in Luggage


Skybags Mint 55 cms Luggage


Dowinx Green Gaming Chair


VIP PP Hard Trolley Bag


American Tourister Bricklane


uppercase Bullet 5600EHT1SLR

1. American Tourister Ivy 68 cms Medium: Best American Luggage Tourister Under 5000

If you are looking for a trolley under budget in the range of 5000 Rs. with a great brand like American Tourister, this is an excellent choice. This is the most convenient carry-on suitcase designed to meet domestic carry-on needs. Crafted from scratch and impact-resistant material, this suitcase not only ensures the safety of your belongings but also stands the test of time. Embrace stress-free travel with the extra packing space that accommodates your last-minute shopping sprees, eliminating the need to worry about fitting in those impromptu purchases. 

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The sleek design is enhanced by a color-matched 3-digit recessed TSA lock, adding a touch of sophistication to your luggage. With color-coordinated components, this suitcase exudes a rich aesthetic, making a stylish statement. The recessed TSA lock not only contributes to the premium look but also guarantees foolproof security during your journeys, providing peace of mind as you explore the world.

2. Safari Pentagon 65 cms Medium: Best Safari Bag Under 5000

As Safari’s own brand, Pentagon offers affordable, high-performance luggage without sacrificing quality. Not only does it offer the best trolley bags for under 5000 Rs., but within this budget, Safari Pentagon stands out as a top choice. Crafted from scratch and impact-resistant polypropylene, this lightweight yet durable suitcase ensures a comfortable and secure travel experience. With dimensions measuring 66cms x 47cms x 28cms and a generous 87L capacity, this stylish two-compartment textured luggage is designed to accommodate all your essentials. 

The innovative features include a smooth adjustable handle for effortless maneuvering, 360-degree easy-maneuverable wheels for seamless exploration, and a number lock for added security. The vibrant Cyan Blue color adds a trendy flair to your travel style. Made in India, Pentagon offers a 3-year international warranty against manufacturing defects, providing you with confidence and peace of mind as you embark on your adventures. 

3. Nasher Miles Istanbul Hard-Sided Cabin Luggage – Best Nasher Miles Trolley Bag Under 5000

Take advantage of the expertly designed suitcase with a large compartment and convenient zipped divider and travel in style. The interior is thoughtfully crafted to cater to your packing needs, adorned with two mesh pockets and a hinge pocket that enhance accessibility and orderliness. Effortlessly sort and secure your belongings with these intelligently placed storage options. 

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An extra layer of convenience is added by the top carrying handle, making it easy to grab and go when needed. Whether you’re organized or prefer quick access to your essentials, this suitcase provides the versatility to accommodate your travel style. With every detail considered for functionality, the combination of a spacious compartment zipped divider, and various pockets transforms packing into a seamless and enjoyable experience.

4. Kamiliant 68 cms Medium Check-in Luggage/Suitcase/Trolley Bag- Best Kamiliant Trolley Bag Under 3000

In the range of 3000 rupees, this brand offers a number of options. Kamiliant 68 cm boxy shape ensures maximum volume, allowing you to pack efficiently for extended journeys. The retractable top and side handles add a touch of comfort to your travels, making it easy to lift and maneuver. Embrace the dual texture with a matte finish, providing a stylish yet resilient exterior.

The inclusion of a 3-digit fixed combination lock adds an extra layer of security, safeguarding your belongings with ease. Inside, discover the practicality of cross ribbons in the bottom compartment and a U-shaped pocket, optimizing packing space for all your essentials. Crafted to be both sturdy and lightweight, this suitcase boasts 360-degree smooth rolling wheels, ensuring effortless navigation through bustling airports or city streets. With its 50-50 packing design, organization, and segregation become second nature, enhancing your travel experience.

5. Skybags Mint 55 cms Luggage/Suitcase/Trolley Bag- Best Skybags Trolley Bag Under 5000

An elegant and functional travel companion, the Skybags Mint Trolley Bag combines style with functionality. Just under 5k budget for everything. Its outer material, made from durable polycarbonate, creates a hard casing in an elegant graphite color. With a generous capacity of 30 liters, this lightweight bag weighs a mere 2600 grams, making it effortless to carry. The dimensions of 36 cms x 24.5 cms x 55 cms (LxWxH) ensure ample space for your travel essentials without sacrificing portability. The four wheels provide smooth mobility, while the fixed number lock enhances security. 

Featuring two compartments and a smart convi-pack design, the Skybags Mint Trolley Bag ensures convenient and organized packing for your journey. With an emphasis on durability and security, this bag is backed by a 5-year international warranty from the manufacturer, offering assurance and reliability for your travels. With the Skybags Mint Trolley Bag, you’ll travel in style with ease.

6. Aristocrat Airpro 55 cms Small Cabin Suitcase- Best Aristocrat Airpro Trolley Bag Under 5000

Meet the Aristocrat Airpro, a tough and durable companion for your travels. Crafted from lightweight, scratch-resistant material, this luggage ensures sturdiness, water resistance, and remarkable impact resilience. Aristocrat is a luxury brand with expensive bags, but there are plenty of good suitcases/luggage under 5000 rupees. The stylish yet robust trolley bag offers ample storage space, complete with smooth 360-degree dual wheels and an adjustable trolley handle, ensuring you travel with both style and comfort. 

Security is paramount, and the Aristocrat Airpro delivers with a secured combination lock and reliable zippers, providing peace of mind on your new adventures. Unleash your packing potential with spacious multi-compartments, a full fabric convipack, and compression straps that maximize storage efficiency. Additionally, this luggage comes with a substantial 7-year warranty against manufacturer faults, solidifying its commitment to quality and durability. Elevate your travel experience with the Aristocrat Airpro, where toughness meets style and convenience meets security.

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7. VIP PP Hard Trolley Bag- Best VIP Suitcase Under 5000

This VIP PP Hard Trolley Bag is a pinnacle of sophistication and functionality. Featuring a stylish design and a combination lock, this luggage ensures the safety of your belongings during travel. Featuring 8 wheels, this trolley bag easily glides over various terrains, offering smooth and stable mobility. 

With its premium push-button trolley and retractable top and side handles, this trolley is convenient to handle and maneuver. With a commitment to quality, VIP offers a 5-year international warranty, providing assurance and peace of mind. The VIP PP Hard Trolley Bag is not just a luggage accessory; it’s a statement of quality, security, and durability for the modern traveler who seeks style and convenience.

8. American Tourister Bricklane: Budget-Friendly Trolley Bag

The American Tourister Bricklane is designed with both style and practicality in mind for today’s modern traveler. This hard-cased suitcase is crafted from durable polycarbonate in a sophisticated charcoal gray hue. Weighing in at 3.32 kg and with dimensions of 46 cms x 68 cms x 30.3 cms (LxHxW), it strikes a harmonious balance between spaciousness and portability. 

The expandable feature adds versatility to your packing needs. Securing your belongings is a breeze with the number lock, while the four wheels ensure smooth mobility. This suitcase is designed with a single spacious compartment and is not laptop-compatible. The originally purchased item is covered by a 3-year non-transferable manufacturer warranty.

9. uppercase Bullet 5600EHT1SLR- Best Travel Suitcase for Men and Women

Its innovative features and unparalleled convenience redefine your travel experience with the uppercase Bullet 5600EHT1SLR suitcase. The TSA-approved lock on this travel companion ensures a stress-free journey while protecting your belongings. Experience seamless travel with the branded dual wheels, offering durability and smooth maneuverability. During your trip, you won’t need to worry about mixing clean and dirty clothes as the laundry compartment promotes cleanliness and organization. 

Stay organized with convipacks on both sides, so you can pack efficiently and access essentials easily without worrying about wrinkles. Providing a luxurious feel to your belongings, the cushioned interiors gently cradle delicate items. Enhanced shock-absorbing lugs protect the bag from bumps and impacts during transit. With anti-theft zippers, your peace of mind is protected with an extra layer of security. Handles on the top and sides of the suitcase facilitate easy handling and provide a comfortable grip.

Trolley bag set of 2 under 5,000:

G SMT 4 Atlantis Smart Series Trolley Travel Bags – Set of 2 under 5,000

The G SMT 4 Atlantis Smart Series Set of 2 comes under 5,000 and offers both Medium and Small sizes, catering to a wide variety of packing needs. The Medium suitcase dimensions are 24 inches in length, 16 inches in width, and 12 inches in height, while the Small counterpart measures 20 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches (LxWxH). 

Weighing just 4.50 kg, these bags strike a harmonious balance between spaciousness and portability. With 8 wheels and a telescopic handle, maneuvering through airports or city streets is effortlessly smooth. The telescopic lock ensures the security of your belongings, providing peace of mind during your journeys. Priced under 5,000, this trolley bag set combines affordability with functionality. Backed by the manufacturer’s warranty, these bags not only meet your budget constraints but also assure you of quality and durability, making them reliable companions for your travels.

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Which trolley bag brand provide trolley bag under 5000 rs. ?

Best Trolley Bags Brands in India

  • American Tourister.
  • Skybags.
  • Mokobara.
  • Nasher Miles.
  • Safari.

Which trolley bag is durable?

The hard-sided trolley bags are very durable. In spite of their lightweight nature, they are sturdy and comfortable to carry. 

What are the key features to look for in trolley bags under 5000 Rs.? 

Consider durability, size, weight, wheel quality, and additional features like compartments and locks.

Are there trolley bags under 5000 that are both stylish and functional?

Yes, many brands offer stylish and functional trolley bags within the 5000 budget range.

Are there specific brands known for quality trolley bags in this price range?

Yes, brands like American Tourister, Skybags, Safari, and VIP offer quality trolley bags under 5000.

Is there a lightweight trolley bag under 5000?

Yes, there are lightweight options with ample capacity available within the 5000 budget.

Is there a warranty on these budget-friendly trolley bags?

Many reputable brands offer warranty coverage for their trolley bags under 5000, providing added assurance for buyers.


Therefore, purchasing the best trolley bags under 5000 does not imply compromising on quality or style. You will be able to travel in style and ease with the options mentioned above, as they strike the right balance between ease and elegance. Don’t be afraid to invest in your travel gear wisely, and let your journeys be stress-free and stylish!

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