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How to Fix American Tourister Luggage Wheels – 6 Easy Steps

It is essential to have durable and reliable luggage when traveling. American Tourister is a well-known brand that provides stylish and durable suitcases for travelers around the world. Despite being the best luggage, it can sometimes encounter problems, such as damaged or malfunctioning wheels. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to fix American Tourister luggage wheels. Not worry! With this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through step-by-step instructions on how to fix and repair American Tourister luggage wheels, ensuring your trip goes smoothly and without a hitch.

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First Identifying the Issue Before Fixing American Tourister Luggage Wheels

Before you start fixing your American Tourister luggage wheels, it’s crucial to identify the specific issue you’re facing. There can be various problems, including:

  • Damaged wheels, 
  • Stuck Wheels, or Wheels that don’t roll smoothly.

By determining the exact issue, you can focus your efforts on the appropriate solution.

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What You Need To Fix American Tourister Luggage Wheels

After identifying the issue and successfully fixing your American Tourister luggage wheels, you’ll need a few tools on hand. The following items are essential before you start:

Having these tools readily available will make the repair process much smoother, faster, and easier. Now below provide step-by-step instructions to repair American Tourister luggage wheels. 

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Case 1: If Your Luggage Wheel is Damaged

If your American Tourister luggage wheels are damaged, and unable to be repaired, the best solution is to replace them. To replace or change damaged wheels, follow these 6 steps:

How to Change American Tourister Luggage Wheels

  • Place your suitcase on a flat surface : Find a stable and flat surface, such as a table or the floor, and place your suitcase upside down. Your wheels will be easily accessible from this position.
  • Disassemble the damaged wheel using a screwdriver: Look for the screws that secure the damaged wheel to the suitcase. Use an appropriate screwdriver (usually flathead screwdriver) to loosen and remove the screws.
  • Gently pull the damaged wheel away from the suitcase: After removing the screws, pull the damaged wheel away from the suitcase. It is very important to apply gentle pressure to the wheel, as this may lead to further damage if it is over-twisting or being forcefully applied.
  • Put the replacement wheel in the empty slot: Putting the replacement wheel in place is the next step. Take the new wheel and align it with the empty slot where the damaged wheel was previously attached. Ensure the wheel is facing outward with the tread facing outward.
  • Tighten the screws again: Once the replacement wheel is properly installed, insert the screws back into the holes. Use your screwdriver to tighten them securely, but be careful not to overtighten and strip the threads. Be sure to firmly attach the wheel to the suitcase.
  • Follow the same steps for any other damaged wheels: If you have multiple damaged wheels, repeat the steps above for each wheel. Remove the screws, pull out the damaged wheel, insert the replacement wheel, and tighten the screws. Assuring each wheel is securely fastened should take some time.

By following these detailed steps, you can effectively replace the damaged wheels on your American Tourister luggage. Remember to work with care and precision to avoid any further damage.

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Where to buy replacement Wheels for American Tourister Luggage

You can find replacement wheels for American Tourister luggage through various channels. One of the best trustable source is to check the official American Tourister website, where they may offer replacement parts for your specific luggage model. 

Additionally, online retailers like Amazon offer a variety of luggage accessories, including wheels. You can also purchase replacement wheels for American Tourister luggage at local stores and authorized service centers. Make sure to check compatibility with your specific model before purchasing.

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Case 2: If Your Luggage Wheel is Stucked

If your American Tourister luggage wheel is stuck, you can repair it if you don’t want to replace it. Follow the steps below to repairing:

How to Repair American Tourister Luggage Wheels 

A common problem with luggage, including American Tourister suitcases, is stuck wheels. To fix stuck wheels, follow these 6 steps:

  • Flip the suitcase over, so that the wheels are facing up: First, lay your suitcase upside down, making sure the wheels are easily accessible. It is in this position that you are able to inspect the wheels and work on them more effectively.
  • Make sure the wheels are free of dirt and other debris: It is important to inspect the wheels and axles closely for any signs of dirt, dust, or other debris that may be causing the wheels to stick. Check for anything that might be jammed between the wheel and the suitcase.
  • Use a soft cloth or towel to clean the wheels: Clean the wheels gently with a soft cloth or towel. If there is any visible dirt, dust, or debris on the wheel that could be affecting the smoothness of the wheel’s movement, you should remove these. Be thorough in your cleaning to ensure all obstructions are cleared.
  • Lubricate the wheel axle: Apply a few drops of WD40 lubricant (preferably) to the axle of the wheel. The lubricant will reduce friction and loosen any stuck components within the wheel mechanism. Apply the lubricant gently, but ensure it reaches the areas where the axle meets the wheel.
  • Rotate the wheels manually to distribute the lubricant evenly: With the lubricant applied, manually rotate the wheels several times. This action helps to distribute the lubricant evenly and allows it to reach all the necessary parts within the wheel assembly. Rotate the wheels in both directions to ensure thorough coverage.
  • Roll the suitcase back and forth to ensure the wheels move freely: This is the last step to repairing American Tourister luggage wheels.  After applying the lubricant and rotating the wheels, place the suitcase upright and test the movement of the wheels. Roll the suitcase back and forth to check if the wheels are moving freely and smoothly. If there are no signs of sticking or resistance, it indicates that the lubrication has been effective.

By following these detailed steps, you can fix stuck American Tourister luggage wheels. Regular cleaning and lubrication will help maintain smooth wheel functions and prevent hassles during travel.

Preventing Future Wheel Issues:

Listed above are the steps we’ll use to fix American Tourister luggage wheels if they’re not rolling or damaged. It is better not to let this problem occur because we can prevent future problems with wheels in luggage bags. By taking proactive measures, such as proper maintenance and care, you can avoid potential problems and ensure that your luggage wheels function smoothly throughout your journey.

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What can do to prevent future luggage wheel issues?

Prevention is always better than cure, and  You can apply the same concept to the wheels on your American Tourister luggage. Here are some tips to prevent future wheel issues:

  1. You should not overpack your suitcase, as excessive weight can damage the wheels.
  2. It is best to avoid rolling your suitcase on rough terrain whenever possible.
  3. Make sure you store your luggage in a cool, dry environment to prevent wheel corrosion or rust.
  4. Regularly inspect your suitcase for any signs of damage or wear and address them promptly.

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How do I know if my American Tourister luggage wheels are damaged?

If your American Tourister luggage wheels are damaged, you may notice signs such as difficulty in rolling the suitcase, excessive wobbling, or visible cracks or breaks in the wheels.

Can I fix American Tourister luggage wheels on my own?

By following the step-by-step instructions provided in this guide( describe above), you can fix American Tourister luggage wheels yourself.

What should I do if I cannot fix the wheels myself?

If you’re unable to fix the wheels yourself or the damage is severe, consider reaching out to a professional luggage repair service for assistance.

What are the best lubricants for the luggage wheels?

A silicone-based lubricant is recommended for your American Tourister luggage wheels. Petroleum-based products should be avoided, as they may cause damage.

How often should American Tourister luggage wheels be checked?

Make sure that your American Tourister luggage wheels are functioning properly by checking them regularly. It is also important to perform regular maintenance, such as cleaning and lubricating.

Can I replace the wheels with non-American Tourister parts?

The wheels should be replaced with genuine American Tourister parts, however you may be able to find compatible wheels from other reputable brands. Replace the wheels with the same specifications to ensure proper functionality.

What kind of wheels do American Tourister use?

The wheels on our products are generally made of polyurethane material. A common wheel material used by American Tourister is polyurethane. Materials like these are chosen for their durability, shock absorption, and smooth rolling capabilities.

Is it worth repairing a luggage bag?

It depends very much on the price of your luggage bag. In most cases, it is worth repairing expensive luggage. If the bags are less expensive, simply replacing them may be more cost-effective. Costs also vary depending on the repair. Certain things cost more to replace or fix than others.

What is the best trolley bag wheels replacement?

Trolley bag wheels made from polyurethane are currently the highest quality luggage wheels available. Providing the smoothest and most silent roll, they are ultra-durable.

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Now that we have reached the end of this comprehensive guide on how to fix American Tourister luggage wheels, you’re equipped with the knowledge and steps to handle common wheel issues. Remember to identify the problem, gather the necessary tools, and follow the appropriate instructions for either replacing damaged wheels or repairing stuck wheels. By taking proactive measures and regularly maintaining your luggage, you can ensure smooth travels with your American Tourister suitcase.

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