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10 Best Gaming Chairs Under 5000 in India – 2023 Reviews & Top Deals

The dream of each gamer, whether he or she is a beginner or a professional, is to buy a great gaming chair. There is the Best Gaming Chair under 5000 in India. A lot of attention has been paid to online personal effects and e-businesses in the year 2023, known as the “Year of the Internet Boom.”

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As a result, screen time and working hours have dramatically increased with the shifting tendency. In India, progress has been enthusiastically embraced. One out of every ten Indians has been adversely affected by this hyper-connected habit.

It takes long hours of work to build a solid internet presence. An uncomfortable chair not only marries your passion but is also a significant distraction when you are working. Consequently, a stylish and comfortable ergonomic gaming chair that is within your budget is preferred. In this article, we bring you the Best Gaming Chair below 5000 in India

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Best Gaming Chair in India Under 5000

Sr. No.Product NamePrice
1Miller Medium Gaming Chair by Da UrbanCheck on Amazon
2           INNOWIN IRIS Ergonomic Gaming ChairCheck On Amazon
3CELLBELL Desire C104 Ergonomic Gaming ChairCheck On Amazon
4GTB BT-321 Revolving Gaming ChairCheck On Amazon
5The Solimo Accord Gaming Chair from AmazonCheck On Amazon
6VIVAN INTERIO Fabric Gaming ChairCheck On Amazon
7beAAtho Florence Revolving Gaming ChairCheck On Amazon
8TIMBER CHEESE Ergonomic Gaming ChairCheck On Amazon
9Caddy Gaming ChairCheck On Amazon
10Oakcraft High Back Reclining Gaming ChairCheck On Amazon

Playing PC games will be much more comfortable with these gaming chairs, thanks to their outstanding features. To get the best PC gaming chair, people search for the best PC gaming chairs under 5000 rs. This list will help you choose the best gaming chair if you are one of these people.

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Regardless of whether you play on a PC, laptop, mobile device, desktop, or any other device, these gaming chairs will be a great choice for you. Let’s take a look at the list below based on our search:

Our Top Picks of Best Gaming Chair in India:

1. Miller Medium Gaming Chair by Da Urban

Miller Medium Gaming Chair by Da Urban
Miller Medium Gaming Chair by Da Urban

This gaming chair features robust leather construction and a striking appearance, making it one of the Best Gaming Chair Under Budget. Double-layer padding ensures maximum comfort and relaxation. High-quality materials and an attractive design make this chair stand out. I chose this chair because it is made by one of the country’s most trustworthy furniture vendors.

Reclining the chair is easy thanks to a tilt mechanism that can tilt it back according to your preference. You can use this reading tool to relax, work, and, of course, read. A unique feature of the chair is that it bends and tilts in response to the body postures. The tilt tension knobs on the rocking chair let you adjust the angle safely for your comfort. The Da Urban features a pneumatic gas lift mechanism that adjusts the seat to the user’s height.

With steel legs and a chrome base, the chair features a sturdy design. An elegant nylon caster wheel adds to its appeal. Featuring a full 360° swirl, you can position yourself in any direction. Now you can multitask in style.

A worry-free, six-month warranty is also included on the chair. Best Gaming Chair below 5000 in India such as Da Urban Miller are among the best in India. Additionally, Amazon has validated the chair’s quality, as it ranks No. 7 in the category of home and Gaming chairs.


  • A high-quality leather cushion is used to make the chair’s seat.
  • Furthermore, the height of the chair can be adjusted to suit a wide range of heights.  For instance, you can adjust it up to 5 inches.
  • Third, it can be used at home as well as in the workplace due to its 360° swirl design.
  • A quality test has been completed on the chair and it has passed.
  • A 100 kilogram weight can easily be supported.
  • Abrasion-free mobility is provided by nylon caster wheels made of high quality.


  • Primarily, the chair has generous proportions, but a medium seat height.
  • In other words, it suggests this chair isn’t suitable for individuals taller than 6 feet.

Special FeatureErgonomic
MaterialFaux Leather
Furniture FinishChrome
Recommended Uses For ProductGaming
Room TypeGaming
Frame MaterialWood

2. INNOWIN IRIS Ergonomic Revolving Gaming Chair  

INNOWIN IRIS Ergonomic Revolving Gaming Chair
INNOWIN IRIS Ergonomic Revolving Gaming Chair

The frame is constructed with a glass-filled nylon mesh, the seat is molded with 45-density foam.

The five 50mm nylon castors provide extremely high load capacity, increased flexibility, and reduced friction when rolling. Metal base strengthens the chair and makes it durable. A BIFMA Certified hydraulic gas lift allows you to adjust the height so that you can sit comfortably and maintain your posture. The ultra-comfortable molded foam seat strikes the perfect balance between comfort and convenience during your work hours. You can stay comfortable even for extended periods of time.

Comfortable and unrestricted working experience with Sweat-free Breathable Mesh. Arms Fixed to the chair. The sturdy arms are very comfortable and allow users of different body heights to find their optimal ergonomic posture. They are made of nylon and have fixed arms.  Heavy Duty Front Lock Synchro mechanism with 135° TILT Gas-lift: Class 3 (pneumatic seat height adjustment) Mechanism: Heavy Duty Single Position Front Lock Synchro mechanism.  If you are looking for all these best features under your budget then this chair is the Best Gaming Chair Under 5000.

120 kg is the maximum weight load capacity. Easily assembled. The product requires basic assembly by the customer. Instructions are provided on how to assemble it. We provide 24-hour customer service. From the date of delivery, you will receive a hassle-free 1-year professional warranty from the manufacturer. The mesh of the mattress offers a variety of adjustments and provides a firm, supportive structure that keeps users cool and ventilated. The stability that is Durable: The nylon casters are very durable, have a very high load capacity and reduce friction when rolling to enhance flexibility and performance.

Special FeatureSwivel
Recommended Uses For ProductGaming
Room TypeGaming
Model NameNova Medium Black
Age Range (Description)Adult

3. CELLBELL Desire C104 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

CELLBELL Desire C104 Ergonomic Gaming Chair
CELLBELL Desire C104 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Among the many products Cellbell makes are chairs. The chairs available from Cellbell are of superior quality and are available at more reasonable prices.

With good quality and comfort, the Cellbell C104 chair is one of the most essential gaming chairs available. Despite its simplicity, the chair provides a number of practical functions. Definitely worth checking out.

This chair’s back is composed of highly robust material, and the mesh provides additional support to your spine while also keeping your back cool. Cellbell’s C104 Chair is quite comfortable, with high-quality armrests.

This chair is more sturdy and durable thanks to the heavy-duty wheelbase that Cellbell has provided. The seat of this chair is made from High-Density Resilient Foam, which makes it extremely comfortable over extended periods without experiencing hip discomfort. These qualities make it the Best Gaming Chair Below 5000.


  • Ergonomics-driven design.
  • Swivels 360 degrees.
  • Casters who remain silent.


  • Tilt Lock Is Not Included

Special FeatureArm_Rest
SizeDesire [C104]
Finish TypeMetal
StyleDesire [C104]
Recommended Uses For ProductGaming
Room TypeGaming

4. GTB BT-321 Revolving Gaming Chair

GTB BT-321 Revolving Gaming Chair
GTB BT-321 Revolving Gaming Chair

Thanks to its attractive design, high-quality brown leather, back, and comfortable lower support, the GTB Mid Back Revolving Chair is the fourth-best gaming chair under 5000. One of the best computer gaming chairs for back pain. A reasonable price of less than 4500 rupees makes this chair a good buy. This chair has a unique characteristic: it’s brown in color, making it appealing to individuals who are not fond of black.

This GTB MID Back is ideal for gaming due to its plush cushioning and waterfall front border. Cushioning keeps your spine from contracting and soothes your back. Even after hours of sitting in a chair with sharp edges, your legs will feel relieved after having this chair with waterfall edges. There is ample space for the arms on the chair’s soft, durable armrests.

The chair has a reclined angle of 120 degrees, so it’s perfect for individuals who work for 12 hours or more every day. Physically and mentally exhausting to sit in one position for hours on end. Owning this chair, you can therefore rest comfortably while having a cup of tea or reading a book.

In addition to the tilt tension and tilt lock mechanisms, the chair is equipped with a tilt tension mechanism. Under the seat is a lever that can be used to adjust the chair’s height. 360-degree rotations are possible with an abrasion-free nylon base and moving wheels. The 360-degree swivel of a swivel chair allows you to accomplish multiple tasks with one movement.


  • Easy assembly is what we like best about this chair. This chair can be assembled in about 15 minutes.
  • Moving this chair is a snap, thanks to its lightweight design and twin caster wheels.
  • Additionally, the chair can handle 113 kgs of weight, so it is suitable for an average-weight Indian.
  • As a result of accreditation, BIFMA products are more reliable and trustworthy.
  • Lastly, the chair is proportionately large, has a captivating caramel brown hue, and is crimper in style.


  • It is noteworthy that the chair is covered by a warranty of six months, which is exceptional at this price point.
  • Reclining the chair to a 120° angle is quick and easy. Although it is an appropriate angle, the chair’s construction is such that it seems hazardous.
Special FeatureSwivel, Rolling
MaterialStainless Steel
StyleMid Back
Recommended Uses For ProductGaming
Room TypeGaming
Frame MaterialStainless Steel
Back StyleMid Back

5. The Solimo Accord Gaming Chair from Amazon

The Solimo Accord Gaming Chair from Amazon
The Solimo Accord Gaming Chair from Amazon

Indians will be able to afford this low-cost gaming chair. It measures 62 cm long and 49 cm wide. 109 centimeters is the height of Amazon Solimo. The size and design of the device are very pleasant and user-friendly, as shown in the image.

An excellent single-lock tilt system is a feature of this chair. Using it, the user can customize and customize their experience accordingly.

You can easily adjust the lumbar support on the Amazon Solimo according to your preferences. When gaming or performing Gaming work for an extended period of time, the lumbar cushion is excellent support.

PU caster wheels are mounted on the chair and weigh only 50mm. Lightweight and sleek, it can be easily transported from one place to another. Moreover, this chair is capable of supporting 150 kg of weight at this price level.

The back of this gaming chair can be adjusted so you can support your body depending on whether you are playing games or relaxing and the best computer gaming chair for back pain. In order to provide maximum comfort at your desk, the chair is designed to provide you with the appropriate back support.

Gas lifts of class 4 are used to adjust the chair’s height. This is done by a lever that is easy to operate. Amazon Solimo is made of the high-quality European fabric, something rare in this price range, and it has a relatively strong construction. I have no problems carrying my entire weight on it.

As for the warranty and free replacement period, both are provided for three years, which enhances the legitimacy and trustworthiness of the product. The only thing you need to do is to purchase the one you want if you don’t have much money. This is ranked as the Best Gaming Chair Under Budget.


  • Assembling is quick and simple
  • It will be assembled by the seller when the item is delivered.
  • A three-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • The materials are of high quality at this price point.
  • Featuring a sleek design and lightweight construction
  • Supports a weight of 150 kg
  • Cost-effective


  • There are two-dimensional armrests that can be adjusted but no four-dimensional armrests.

Seat Material TypeFabric
BrandAmazon Brand – Solimo
Recommended Uses For ProductGaming
Room TypeGaming
Frame MaterialMetal, TPU

6. VIVAN INTERIO Fabric Gaming Chair

VIVAN INTERIO Fabric Gaming Chair
VIVAN INTERIO Fabric Gaming Chair

For long-term comfort, the mesh back of the ERGONOMIC Gaming Chair ensures breathability. Support for natural torso movement is provided by a synchronous incline mechanism and a Tilt Lock lever. By flipping up the lever under the seat, the pneumatic gas lift system adjusts the height of the seat. The seat is fully adjustable by flipping up the lever under the seat. Gaming chairs feature 360-degree swivels and 5 smooth casters, which allows you to easily move around the chair as needed, so you can multitask more effectively.

Chairs like these are very durable and can be used for a variety of purposes, including chairs for bosses, directors, students, and visitors. COZY Gaming chair has a weight capacity of 120 kg evenly distributed, making it sturdy enough to support a variety of weights. In order to ensure that the products meet international quality standards, the products are subjected to several tests on various parameters, such as raw material quality, finish, durability, and durability.

Vivan Interio manufactures affordable and durable chairs in India. Best Gaming Chair between 2000 to 4000 for their chairs. Gaming sessions and other gaming activities can be accommodated with Vivan Interio’s Fabric Chair.

The ergonomic chair has a mesh back for breathability, so you can enjoy comfort throughout the day. In addition to providing your body with natural movement throughout the day, this gaming chair features a tilt lock system. Furthermore, this Fabric Chair by Vivan Interio features fully adjustable seat height to ensure the most comfortable sitting experience.

You’ll be able to move this chair easily with its five smooth-rolling casters. Having a chair made of good quality mesh is very comfortable, and it provides a great deal of support. Also if you a budget to go then this is the Best Cheap Gaming Chair.


  • Ergonomic Curve
  • Metal frame for strength
  • The tilt lock
  • Mesh fabric that breathes
  • Height-adjustment levers


  • Base: plastic
Special FeatureErgonomic, Swivel
Size70 x 140 cm
BrandVivan interio
Recommended Uses For ProductGaming
Room TypeGaming
Age Range (Description)Adult
Maximum Weight Recommendation120 Kilograms

7. beAAtho Florence Revolving Gaming Chair 

beAAtho Florence Revolving Gaming Chair 
beAAtho Florence Revolving Gaming Chair

This chair has 5 plastic wheels with dimensions of 45 x 47 x 93 cm that allow you to move while gaming. You can sit comfortably for a long time since the chair’s seat is well-cushioned. The mesh on its back helps to provide a comfortable rest. You can also consider the beAAtho JS-SJ Chair if you are looking for the Best Gaming Chair below 5000 in India.

Fabric covers the chair’s Seat, Back, and Armrests, while the frame is made of Iron. Moreover, the chair comes in a well-packaged box, so a buyer does not have to worry about it getting damaged during transit. In two simple steps, one can order beAAtho Gaming chair, after which the chair will be shipped to India.

On-call assistance will be provided as well as DIY assembly product, assembly manual, and assembly video. This chair was designed for comfort and durability by beAAtho. Iron is used as the internal frame material of this chair, making the chair very strong, and the upholstery cover is made of mesh. The chair’s seat, back, and arm rests are upholstered in fabric.


  • Base made of metal
  • Having good strength
  • A comfortable seat
  • Support for the entire back
  • Back that adjusts and locks


  • This chair should have a higher maximum height

It offers a variety of gaming chairs that range in price from cheap to expensive.

Gaming sessions can be completed with the beAAtho JS-SJ Chair, which is an affordable and durable chair.

 Special FeatureArm_Rest
StyleMid Back
Recommended Uses For ProductGaming
Room TypeGaming
Frame MaterialIron
Back StyleMid Back

8. TIMBER CHEESE Ergonomic Gaming Chair

TIMBER CHEESE Ergonomic Gaming Chair
TIMBER CHEESE Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Product Dimensions are Length (22 Inches), Width (24 Inches) & Height (35 to 40 Inches). It has a Warranty of 24 Months Warranty against breakage/manufacturing defects. Tested good for 100 kg maximum weight capacity. Toolkit & assembly instructions are provided in the package for  DO-IT-YOURSELF. Primary Material is of Ergonomic Co-Polymer chair with black contoured mesh back, Strong Plastic Armrest, Heavy Duty Plastic Umbrella Shape Base, Pneumatic 5-inch-seat height adjustment & 2-inch-thick padded seat for day-long comfort, all these features are amazing if you are looking for the best computer gaming chair for back pain.

A black meshback chair with strong plastic armrests features a meshback made of contoured mesh. Unlike a wooden chair, the base of this one is made from plastic. This greatly reduces its weight. You can move around the chair on five wheels. A two-inch-thick seat on this chair provides plenty of comforts for you to sit, making it quite comfortable.

The seat height of this chair can be adjusted up to 5 inches, which is very helpful in making the chair more comfortable. You can also tilt the Timber Cheese Zeenion Chair’s back so that you can adjust it according to your needs.

Those looking for an affordable gaming chair with basic features may find this chair to be a good fit and the Best gaming chair at affordable price in India.


  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Suitable for long hours of sitting
  • Simple to assemble
  • Exceptional build quality
  • Two-inch thick padded seat


  • Insufficient Support Provided by Arm-Rests
Special FeatureArm_Rest, Ergonomic
BrandTimber Cheese
Recommended Uses For ProductGaming
Room TypeGaming
Frame MaterialPlastic

9. Caddy Gaming Chair 

Caddy Gaming Chair 
Caddy Gaming Chair

A caddy Executive Chair with a headrest and high back is ultra-luxurious and ideal for executive work. Easy height adjustment is made possible by the chair’s 360-degree swivel. Superior back support is provided by the chair. Increases blood circulation and a gaming chair should offer this feature. Whether you’re playing games, reviewing games, writing articles on games, or brainstorming with colleagues about new games, this chair’s sleek, professional style complements its sophisticated support for all-day comfort. This is one of our best-selling gaming and study chairs and of course Best Gaming Chair under 5000 in India.

Dimensions: Depth (558.8mm) Wide (482.65mm) Height (1016mm) Material: PU Leatherette Warranty: 6 months manufacturing defects guaranteed by Shravya Enterprises. It can be used at the office, at the gaming, at home, at school, in college, in hospitals, saloons, in the corporate sector, in the company, or at the desk in a library. It is adjustable in both height and comfort. A Caddy home gaming chair is aesthetically pleasing and durable, coordinating well with your gaming décor. It requires Do-It-Yourself assembly.


  • Every angle can be comfortably seated with height-adjustable chairs
  • Fabrics that are durable


  • Avoid placing your furniture in direct contact with damp walls in order to prevent it from getting moldy.
Special FeatureSwivel, Adjustable_Height
Size1020 mm
Recommended Uses For ProductGaming
Room TypeGaming
Form FactorUpholstered
Age Range (Description)Adult
Furniture base movementSwivel

10. Oakcraft High Back Reclining Gaming Chair

Oakcraft High Back Reclining Gaming Chair

A lightweight, strong, and durable nylon polymer structure, coupled with an anti-explosion, class 4 gas piston certified by the SGS. A certified Air rod with a thickened pallet of wrought steel provides the weight. Many have found it a Best Gaming Chair Under Budget.

Seating capacity 350 lb., designed to prevent one-sided strain on the muscles by providing a dynamic seating capability. best computer gaming chair for short person. By uniformly distributing weight on both sides, Leatherette Upholstery helps to maintain blood circulation, while long, comfortable work hours encourage creativity and productivity. Leatherette upholstery is less porous than leather and therefore waterproof and easy to clean.

Special FeatureUpholstered Leather,

Adjustable Height, Arm Rest, Ergonomic, Rolling, Swivel, Seat Lock

Model NameChair
MaterialFaux Leather, Stainless Steel
Furniture FinishStainless Steel
Recommended Uses For Office
Room TypeOffice

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How to Pick a Gaming Chair:

There are many gaming chairs available on a high budget, so you will have plenty of options to choose from. Even so, if you are looking for Best Gaming Chair Under Budget, for example, one under 5000, remember that it may be lacking some of the most recent features. To buy the best gaming chair, you should prepare yourself and make a list of qualities you’re looking for. The following shopping guide will help you pick out the best gaming chair, priced around 5000 Rs.

1. Rest is essential for your back

The spine and body benefit from gaming chairs because they retain appropriate posture, unlike chairs made from plastic or hardwood. Your spine can be damaged if you sit for long periods of time. You should be able to enjoy sitting comfortably and enjoying the gaming chair for years to come with an S-shaped design. In addition, a foam cushion seat is the best option if the gaming chair offers maximum comfort.

2. Support for the shoulders and neck

Is it common for you to get exhausted after only a few hours of playing? You might find it difficult to move your neck and shoulders when you play. It is important to prioritize the neck and shoulder support after a while, as the shoulder and neck begin to hurt.

3. Knee, hip, ankle, and arm support

Your knees, ankles, hips, and joints can become very sore from sitting for long periods. While sitting comfortably, the seat should be large enough for you to cross your legs with your feet touching the ground. As an added bonus, the footrest for placing feet serves as a decorative element. The arms must also be adjustable. The hands require a lot of support as they bang on the keyboard for hours at a time. Having a perfect wrist, finger, and armrest depends on you keeping an eye on the adjustable armrest.

4. Maximum weight capacity of gaming chair is

Choosing the right gaming chair is an important decision. The chair may not be able to support your weight if its maximum weight capacity is less than yours, or it may break down quickly if its weight capacity is less than yours. Additionally, the maximum weight capacity that can be accommodated might be 20kg greater than your actual weight.

The maximum weight limit of a gaming chair should be 110kg or greater if you weigh 90kg.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers :

What is the best way to choose a gaming chair?

Getting a decent gaming chair doesn’t require you to be an expert in chairs; all you need to do is read this post carefully and choose the best gaming chair under 5000 according to your preferences. You must assess your situation and choose what works best for you; there is no correct answer to this question. Make sure the benefits you receive outweigh the drawbacks.

Gaming chairs: why do you need them?

If you spend a lot of time playing games or working on your computer, a chair is a necessity. Even sitting in an uncomfortable position can cause pain in the back and neck. In order to avoid that, you need a gaming chair. Gaming work and gaming can be done with all the alternatives listed in this article. However, they do not appear to be gamer-friendly. Hence, it is suitable for many purposes.

How should I clean my gaming chair?

To clean an effective gaming chair, there are no complicated procedures. A wet sponge or towel will do just as well; either one will work. Use a damp cloth or sponge to clean your chair thoroughly. Almost all of the gaming chairs on this list are made from high-quality materials that will repel water if it accidentally spills on them. Simply follow these steps to keep your gaming chair squeaky clean.

What is important in a gaming chair?

Gaming chairs are equipped with adjustable lumbar, headrest, and armrests, so you can sit in a correct posture. Comparatively to an office chair, it provides proper spine support and provides comfort for long hours of sitting.

Are gaming chairs breathable?

In gaming chairs, PU leather is often used as an upholstery material, which is not very breathable.

Can you use gaming chair for work?

Yes, You might also want to consider a gaming chair for office work.

What are gaming chairs made of?

There are several materials used to make gaming chairs, including synthetic leather, plastic, and a lot of padding. You can easily move around on it because of the leather’s smooth texture. As well as being low-maintenance, it is also easy to clean. It’s also extra comfortable thanks to the padding.

How long do gaming chairs last?

It is possible to get a gaming chair that lasts up to five years, but most of them last between two and three years. Your chair’s durability and quality will determine how often you use it.

Are all gaming chairs the same?

A gaming chair can be either a PC and racing chair, a rocker chair, or a floor chair. Those who play video games at a desk most commonly use PC and racing gaming chairs, because their seats are off the ground.

Is the arm removable in gaming chair?

It is recommended to use armrests when seated since they support our upper arms and reduce the burden on our lower backs. Our second recommendation is that we avoid using armrests as they pose risks such as shoulder shrugging, forearm contact stress, and leaning.

What is the maximum reclining angle for the gaming chair?

A 125-degree recline can be achieved using a reducing tolerance, which can increase the recline to 130 degrees.


Review complete, now let’s pick the Best Gaming Chair Under 5000 Rs. However, it is a challenging task because our budget is only Rs 5000, and there are several options available from numerous manufacturers. Based on such characteristics as warranty terms, user reviews, and star ratings, we have narrowed down the top gaming chairs.

Which one do you find most useful? A final bit of advice from an expert would be nice. Unless I keep emphasizing one thing, you have always had these crazy gaming visuals from your computer screen, you also need better precision to support your fingers and forearms for better control.

The important thing is to get the monitor and gaming keyboard and mouse close to you so you can relax on a chair and shed some load off your shoulders. A gaming chair provides everything you need. Our tech deals give you access to the best gaming chairs from our site so you can make the most of your gaming time.

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