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12 Best Car Body Covers for Rainy Season in India (August 2022)

Best Car Body Covers for Rainy Season – It is imperative to keep your car covered if you want to keep it safe. Thus, the car owner should never overlook the importance of car covers during rainy seasons to avoid car damage.

You will find a great variety of car covers in the market, which can make selecting the right cover confusing. Do not worry, we will provide you with a list of the top 12 best and Best Waterproof Car Body Covers in India, which protect your car 100% in the rainy season.

Please consider choosing any one of these car covers if you don’t have time to read this entire post.

Our Top Picks:

1. TPH  Car Cover

  •     Covers are custom-fitted to your skin
  •     Protect yourself in any weather with this product
  •     Nylon base material and strong fabric are used
  •     UV rays, dust & water
  •     Waterproof, dustproof, scratchproof, and 100% dustproof

2. Fabtec Car Cover

Fabtec Waterproof Car Body Cover
Fabtec Waterproof Car Body Cover
  •     Metallic cover that is 100% waterproof
  •     Your car’s interior is cooled and dry with cotton lining
  •     Elastic fit at the bottom
  •     Durable triple stitching
  •     Antenna pocket and 2 mirror pockets

3. Kayme Car Cover

Kayme 6 Layers Waterproof Car Cover
Kayme 6 Layers Waterproof Car Cover
  •     Designed with heavy-duty materials
  •     Waterproof, rainproof, and snow-proof
  •     Cools The Car During Hot Days With Anti-UV
  •     Reflective 6pcs Stripes
  •     The Cover Has Pretty Mirror Pockets

Nevertheless, you should read the whole post so you understand which are also the Best Car body cover under budget.

Below is the Best Waterproof Car Cover

Sr. no.

Product Name



TPH Car Cover

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Fabtec car cover

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Waterproof Kayme car cover

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Leader Accessories Car Cover

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AUCTIMO Triple-stitched Waterproof Car Body

View on Amazon


Auto Hub Car Body Cover

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CARMATE Pride Custom Fitting Waterproof Car Body Cover

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BRYGHT Car Body Cover

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DRIZE Car Cover

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Bull Rider Car Body Cover

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Spaiko Car Cover

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CREEPERS Water Resistant Car Cover

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Waterproof Car Body Covers in India: Why should you choose one?

In India, you can find waterproof car body covers for your automobiles for several reasons.

Keeping your car clean: Car covers prevent dust, debris, water, and bird debris from getting in your car. This makes your car feel completely clean. Additionally, the car cover keeps your car clean so you won’t have to spend much on car washing.

Avoid strong sunlight on your vehicle: The paint on your car can be damaged. This is why you need to purchase a car cover to protect your car’s paint. Unlike a car’s paint, a car’s cover won’t cost you as much as one’s paint. Therefore, if the weather is sunny, you should cover your car and keep your paint safe.

Protecting your car from the sun, mist, rain, and stones in all seasons: A car cover is the only way to protect your car from the damage caused by sunlight and mist in the rainy season, mist on the car in the winter, and a car who feels stones on the road in the rain. Therefore, car covers are an extremely useful and effective accessory for cars. They should therefore be taken into consideration. So its important to choose the Best Car Body Cover for Rainy Season.

Keep your car free of scratches: There are small particles on the car that can scratch it. You will be able to keep your car safe if you use a car cover. Furthermore, children will scratch the car if there is a cover on it, so you will feel much better if your car is covered.

Top 12 Best Waterproof Car Body Covers in India

✔ A heavy-duty Waterproof Car Cover:

Here are the best waterproof car covers in India and the heavy-duty waterproof car covers. In addition to being waterproof, it also provides many safety features to the car.

1. TPH Car Cover

  •     Covers custom-fitted to your skin
  •     Protect yourself in any weather with this product
  •     The fabric used is strong
  •     UV rays, dust, and water
  •     Material of base: nylon
  •     Waterproof and dust-proof 100%
  •     Smooth & Scratch-proof

Using nylon and polyester polymer, the TPH car cover provides adequate protection. Moreover, it is constructed to be a very durable material.

Due to its valuable strength, TPH car covers are a very profitable way to protect your vehicle from extremely harsh treatments like small hooves.

TPH car covers are 100% waterproof and dust-proof for all-weather protection. This material resists corrosion by preventing corrosive materials from rubbing inside it, making it water-resistant and the Best Car Cover under 5000.

TPH has provided real German elastics created by their heavy-duty machines and a TPH car cover locking system. The car cover is stitched three times for durability and strength. Our car covers are among the best in the country.

2. Fabtec Car Cover

Fabtec Waterproof Car Body Cover
Fabtec Waterproof Car Body Cover
  •     Waterproof 100%
  •     Antenna pocket and 2 mirror pockets
  •     Full-length elastic on the bottom makes it easier to fit your car
  •     Durable triple stitched
  •     Stay cool and dry with heat-resistant materials

We recommend this car cover if you are looking for strong stitching car body covers in India. Every season in India has different weather conditions, which is why we need a car cover to protect our cars.

The new and improved car cover will keep your car dry and total, with a triple-stitch design that’s waterproof and stylish.

During the monsoon, it keeps your car dry, as well as fog-free during the rainy season. According to Fabtec, their car covers are waterproof and hit-resistant.

Fabtec cover is the Best Car Covers Under 3000. The elegant and stylish cover is designed with two mirror pockets and an antenna pocket. This gives your car an entirely different look.

Antenna and mirror covers provide more protection. Fabtec car covers are also provided with heavy and broad belts and buckles that protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions.

In addition to this, your car’s paint will be protected, dents and scratches will be prevented, and dust will be reduced.

3. Waterproof Kayme Car Cover

Kayme 6 Layers Waterproof Car Cover
Kayme 6 Layers Waterproof Car Cover
  •     Heavy-duty material and premium quality
  •     100% waterproof and rainproof, 100% snowproof
  •     Protect your vehicle paint with thicker cotton
  •     Products with 6 layers
  •     Designing professionally
  •     Pockets with pretty mirrors
  •     You are protected from UV rays, dust, leaves, twigs, snow, rain, frost, and birds droppings

The six layers of the Kayme car cover are constructed with heavy-duty material that is 100% waterproof and snow-proof and the Best Car Body Cover for Rainy Season in India.

As a result, kayme offers the best car body cover in India and it is made of highly reflective aluminum, which is UV and sunproof. This helps keep the car cool during the rainy season.

A cover for your car with windproof straps on both the front and rear ensures that it is well protected from the wind. There are several vehicles for which this cover would work well – BMW 3 Series, Chevrolet Cruze, Ford Focus sedan, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla Alien, etc.

During the rainy season, your car is exposed to the sun’s rays, which cause the paint of your car to begin peeling. By using a kayme car cover you can protect your car from the sun’s rays.

The Kayme car cover protects your car completely from sand, dust, leaves, branches, snow, rain, frost, and messes that birds make.

4. Leader Accessories Car Cover

Leader Accessories Car Cover
Leader Accessories Car Cover
  •     Protect your cars from UV rays, keep them cooler, recommended for rainy season use
  •     Protects the paint of the car and prevents scratching
  •     Windproof and waterproof
  •     Water and heavy rain protection
  •     Straps in front & rear of the car cover with buckles that prevent the cover from blowing off in strong  winds
  •     Installation is simple

Aluminum film covers by Leader Accessories protect from UV rays. These covers are designed to keep your car cool. You can use these covers in both the cold and the heat.

Using this Leader Accessories Car Cover will prevent scratches on your car and help you paint it. This cover prevents heavy rain from damaging your vehicle.

To keep the cover from blowing when a strong wind blows, the buckle has been used. Considering it is made of high quality and the best car body cover in India, this car cover is waterproof and windproof.

Elegant Car Body Cover:

This Elegant car body cover is waterproof and offers a host of other benefits to the car, including making it safer. This is why it is one of the most popular car body covers in India.

5. AUCTIMO Triple-stitched Waterproof Car Body 

AUCTIMO Waterproof Car Cover
AUCTIMO Waterproof Car Cover
  •     A custom fit
  •     Fabric that breathes
  •     Fully waterproof
  •     Cover for the water-resistant body
  •     An elastic waistband is attached to the bottom
  •     Triple Stitched Fully Elastic Ultra Surface Body Protection

Protecting the body of your car can prevent many problems when you use an AUCTIMO is the Best Waterproof Car Cover in India with Triple Stitched Car Body Cover. The environment around a car that is parked in the open is filled with garbage, dirt, water, and bird droppings.

It is made of 190T fabric, which feels very soft and is very fine quality, significantly reducing the chances of scratching your car when you put it in or take it out of the car. To provide more protection from scratches, Creta Car Covers Also Have Mirror Pockets. 

In the storm, its heavy buckle and strong belt help prevent the cover from floating as it covers your car from front to back bumper. Your car is safe in all ways with Auctimo Reliable. It is possible to solve all of these problems with a stylish car body cover that is 100% waterproof.

Car covers protect the body of your vehicle from rain, dirt, dust, and scratches. Your car will be protected from water damage with this car body cover because it is made of water-resistant material with reinforced stitching.

This elegant body cover is made from soft fabrics. By doing this, you prevent scratching your car when removing the body cover.

6. Auto Hub Car Body Cover 

Auto Hub Water Resistant Car Body Cover
Auto Hub Water Resistant Car Body Cover
  •    The color combination is navy blue and red.
  •     Polyester is used for its construction.
  •     A car body cover is made of 100 percent waterproof material.

The next product on this list is the Auto Hub Car Body Cover which is also a Cheap Car Cover for the rainy Season. There are two colors to choose from navy blue and red. Both colors are featured in the design. The car looks very nice with it attached. The cover does not have mirror pockets.

Polyester is the material used in its construction, so it lasts for a long time. With a weatherproof cover, you can use it during rain and also in the rainy season when it is hot. Your car’s paint will remain protected. not fade. A dustproof cover will also not scratch your car. Scratches will no longer be a problem. The nylon thread has been triple stitched. It is, therefore, more durable.

7. CARMATE Pride Custom Fitting Waterproof Car Body Cover

CARMATE Waterproof Car Body Cover
CARMATE Waterproof Car Body Cover
  •     Waterproof and breathable materials are used to make it.
  •     The paint of the car is protected from UV rays.
  •     There is a center buckle and straps to ensure better security.
  •     Different models of car covers are available.

The next product that you should check out for your cars is the Carmate Pride Custom Fitting Waterproof Car Body Cover. Gray in color, this product is very protective of your cars and for any car model. There are a variety of car covers to choose from.

A white coating is applied to the durable, breathable material. In addition to offering 95 percent waterproofing, it also protects against UV rays. No matter how long you park your car outside, the paint won’t fade. In addition to snow, dust, pollution, high temperatures, and bird poop, your car will be protected. There is an elastic band at the herm. It keeps your car covered. This cover is double stitched for durability. Easily washable.

8. BRYGHT Car Body Cover 

BRYGHT Water Resistant Car Body Cover
BRYGHT Water Resistant Car Body Cover
  •     Polyester fabric is used to make the cover.
  •     There are two pockets with mirrors.
  •     The front and rear sides of the car cover are elasticized.
  •     The car cover can be tightened using the straps.

The next car cover option on the list is  BRYGHT Car Body Cover. Red and Blue colors are also available. The fabric is made of polyester and is extremely durable. We offer full-size car body covers. The pockets for mirrors are not patched.

Front and back elastic ends are attached to the cover. Thus, it is easy to cover the car. The cover is triple stitched for durability. Furthermore, the polyester fabric protects the car from scratches. Furthermore, you will be protected from dirt, rain, snow, UV rays, ice, dust, and other environmental pollutants. Straps and a buckle allow the cover to be secured in place. Even in windy conditions, the cover stays in place.

9. DRIZE Car Cover

DRIZE Waterproof Body Protection Car Cover
DRIZE Waterproof Body Protection Car Cover
  •     There is a mirror pocket on the side of the jacket.
  •     The cover is waterproof
  •     Triple stitching is included.
  •     The cover is elasticized.
  •     Heavy-duty materials are used to make it.

Here is another product that you need to check out: the DRIZE Car Cover – this car cover is made from strong material. The cover is available in dark gray and offers high protection. You can keep your car dry even when it rains because the cover is waterproof. The entire car is covered. The bottom of the cover also has a buckle, which keeps it in place. This prevents the cover from moving in the wind.

A mirror pocket is included. High-quality material is used for the cover. Due to its thickness, it offers scratch protection as well. With elastic around the entire cover, this is one of the most helpful features for a car cover. In addition, the cover is triple stitched so that it lasts for a long time.

10. Bull Rider Car Body Cover

Bull Rider Car Body Cover
Bull Rider Car Body Cover
  •     High-quality materials are used to make the cover.
  •     Durable triple stitching adds to its durability.
  •     There is elastic around the base of the cover, as well as a heavy buckle.
  •     Blue and red colors are available.

This list concludes with the Bull Rider Car Body Cover. You can use this cover on any model and is the Best Waterproof Car Body Cover in India. This cover comes in red and blue with a striped design. You can cover the mirrors with the side pockets. Hence, you will be able to protect the car from the front bumper to the back bumper.

It comes with triple stitching, which makes it very durable. A bucket keeps the cover safe during heavy winds, and the baseline of the cover is elastic. Other environmental factors such as dust, dirt, snow, ice, bird poop, etc. are also protected. Minor scratches are also prevented. The cover provides water protection for the car. Easily washable.

11. Spaiko Car Cover 

Spaiko Waterproof Car Cover
Spaiko Waterproof Car Cover
  • A metallic silver car cover made from 100% waterproof material.
  • Soft cotton interior lining that keeps your car cool and dry
  • 2 Mirror Pockets and 1 Antenna Pocket.
  • This cover has full bottom elastic to better fit your car and prevent it from blowing away in the wind.
  • Cover the Antenna Pocket first and then the Mirror Pocket as you put the cover on, starting from the back of the car.

Spaiko offers you the Best Car Cover below 5000 to keep your car cool and dry during this scorching Indian rainy season. Introducing the Full Sized, Triple Stitched Best Quality Metal Silver American Cloth with Cotton Lining Car Cover which will keep your Car Dry during Monsoons and Cool During rainy seasons. Heat-Resistant and Waterproof, we make our car covers from high-quality materials.

A new look for your car and extra care for your antenna and side mirrors is provided with our Stylish and Elegant Car Cover, which has 2 Mirror Pockets & 1 Antenna Pocket. Featuring Highly Durable and Long Lasting Imported American Cloth and Soft Cotton Lining, this cover is naturally resistant to moisture, fungi, and odors, and will keep your vehicle dry in wet, humid, and dusty environments.

The Spaiko car covers are Triple Stitched with Imported Thread to ensure Tight and Secure stitching, making them durable. Your vehicle will remain cool, dry, dust-free, and unaffected by adverse weather conditions with this Best Car Body Cover.

Each Spaiko Car Cover is fitted with a heavy & broad belt and buckle as well as full bottom elastic so that it stays on the car even during strong winds. Your vehicle’s paint is protected from dents, scratches, and dust with our cover, as it offers protection against harsh outdoor conditions.

Covers are tailored to fit your car according to its size and shape. When putting the cover on the car, be careful not to pull it too hard. If you adjust the size from the sides and the front, the cover will fit perfectly on the car.

12. CREEPERS Water Resistant Car Cover

CREEPERS Water Resistant Car Cover
CREEPERS Water Resistant Car Cover

Wet, humid, and dusty climatic conditions won’t damage your vehicle with CREEPERS Premium Water Resistant material. This material is triple stitched to ensure strength. Body Cover Buckle Belt has elastic on the base for easy folding. Its smooth, high-performance fabric naturally repels moisture, fungus, and odors.

The cover is sewn tight and securely with high-quality thread. Uses reinforced side grommets for cover tie-downs, so your vehicle remains dry and dust-free regardless of the weather. UV stable materials ensure a longer cover life. Superior to other matte and parachutes.

Manufactured in-house to be soft and durable it is the Best Waterproof Car Body Cover. Fits your car perfectly with mirror pockets. Made from high-quality polyester fabric. If you wish to alter the body cover, please mention your requirements. Please note this car cover is water-resistant and can resist water penetration to some extent, but not completely. The quality of the waterproof grade will not be questioned.

Other Best Car Body Cover in India

1. Dust Proof Car Cover by Kingsway for Maruti Suzuki:

Dust Proof Car Cover by Kingsway
Dust Proof Car Cover by Kingsway
  • The cover protects your car from dust, bird droppings, snow, leaves, getting heated, and minor scratches
  • Triple-stitched Matty fabric is used in its manufacture
  • For windproofing
  • Best Car body cover under budget
  • Belts and buckles are more durable
  • The cover is elasticized both at the front and the back

2.  Autofinish tata tigor body cover with Antenna:

Autofact Body Cover with Antenna
Autofact Body Cover with Antenna
  • Cover for a full-size car.
  • The bumper-to-bumper coverage is accurate
  • The fabric feels like feathers and is very soft
  • Best Cheap Car Cover for Rainy Season
  • Antenna pockets and mirror pockets are included
  • High-quality thread is used for triple stitching
  • The cover is fully elasticized at the bottom

3. Car Body Cover with Antenna for Swift dzire:

Car Body Cover with Antenna
Car Body Cover with Antenna
  • Fully elasticized bottom for better fit on your car
  • One antenna pocket and two mirror pockets are included.
  • Taffeta fabric with dual colors
  • You will be able to avoid dust, tree sap, bird droppings, and scratches on your car.
  • Waterproofing is not possible with this cover.
  • Triple stitching ensures durability
  • Easy to wear and take off thanks to the lightweight cloth

4. Best Car Body Cover for Hyundai I20:

Autofact Car Body Cover for Hyundai
Autofact Car Body Cover for Hyundai
  • Cover for a full-size car
  • The fabric used feels like a feather and is very soft
  • Keeps your car from getting scratched
  • Antenna pockets and mirror pockets
  • The high-quality thread was used for the triple stitching
  • The cover is fully elasticized at the bottom
  • Strong winds make it easier to hold the cover

5. Best Car Cover in India for Wagon r by Allextreme:

Best Car Cover in India for Wagon r
Best Car Cover in India for Wagon r
  • Covers for full-size cars
  • Bumper-to-bumper coverage for your car
  • Soft and feather-like fabric is used to prevent scratches on your car.
  • Car care is made easier with the inclusion of mirror pockets
  • High-quality thread is used for triple stitching
  • Fully elasticized bottom
  • When there is a strong wind, it helps hold the cover

Frequently asked Q&A by Customers:

1. Why Use a Car Body Cover in India?

The climate in India varies from rainy season to winter to rainy. We are concerned about protecting our cars regardless of the weather. We must use the best car body cover since it provides an extra level of protection for our cars. Car covers are necessary regardless of the weather to hide the paint of our car from the sun, water, and mist.
Because trees and buildings are absent in every area. We need to think about the car cover so the car will be safe.
During the rainy season, we turn on the AC in the car to reduce the number of hits the car gets. The result is that the fuel consumption of the car increases and the mileage of our car decreases as a result. The reason is that the car is not covered.
A car body cover in India would be the best and cheapest way to protect your car during the cold, rainy season, and rainy seasons. A car body cover will protect your car’s shine and paint for a long time.

2. In India, how do you choose the best waterproof car body cover?

There are a few factors to consider before buying the best car body cover in India. While some factors may seem irrelevant, they are vital to consider. You should consider a few things before buying the best automobile body cover in India. Despite their apparent significance, some factors are crucial. Here are some factors you need to consider before buying a car cover.

Select a car cover that will fit your vehicle precisely by choosing one based on your car model. Choosing a car cover for your automobile will depend on the model of your automobile.
Check the quality of the materials before purchasing a car cover. In addition, make sure that the cover you choose is waterproof so that it will protect your vehicle during the rainy season. As long as the cover is lightweight, you won’t have to worry about it damaging your vehicle.
Make sure the car cover has elastic edges if you are certain you want to buy one. Your car will be protected by the elastic cover. Make sure to carefully inspect the car cover you buy when you buy one.

How to pick the Best Car Cover:

✔ Choose the right car cover for your car model. This will ensure that the cover fits your car perfectly. Amazon has a wide selection of car covers. Searching for a car cover according to your car model will prove more effective for your vehicle.

✔ A car cover with elastic edges is a must if you are certain about buying your cover. It will keep the body of the car protected. Be sure to check a car cover properly when you want to buy one.

✔ Ensure the car cover you purchase is made of good quality material before you purchase it. A waterproof car cover will also be good for your car, as it will protect it better. If you are going to buy a lightweight car cover, you will not be able to protect your car from scratches with a heavier cover.

✔ Pockets and Buckles: When you buy a car cover, you should be certain that it car and there is a strong wind, the car cover keeps moving at that time which can scratch your car. So make sure that you have a buckle inside your car that you can lock.

You should purchase a car cover that has pockets and a buckle. Include pockets for the antenna and side mirrors. So your side mirror stays safe too when you use the antenna.

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Using Waterproof Car Covers have the following benefits:

Using a car cover has many benefits. In this article, we discuss 8 of them.

✓Car paints protection: Because of excess sunlight on the car, the paint does not fade, it protects the paint.

✓Your car is protected from dirt by car covers.

✓When you always keep your car covered, the car will look as good as new for a very long time. Therefore, your car will look like it’s brand new for a long time using the car cover.

✓Protect your car from scratches by protecting it from small particles on it. Using a car cover, however, will protect your vehicle from scratches.

✓Protection against Dents: Using a car cover can also help protect your car from dent damage.

✓Cover protects against kids making messes in the car. Kids go to the car and make it dirty, so the cover keeps the mess out.

✓Using a car cover is mandatory if you have dogs. Since dogs view cars as an obstacle to their enjoyment. This can happen if the cover on your car is loose or if it swings in the air. In order to prevent this, tie the cover properly.

✓Protect your car in any season: Whether it is the rainy season, winter, or rainy season, in India, many people are concerned about taking care of their cars throughout the year. When the rainy season hits too hard or the winter or rainy season blows up the paint of the car. Everyone faces these problems when the car finishes shining.

The best brand of car body covers in India is:

In India, various car cover brands are available. We have however mentioned a few popular and reputed car cover brands in India.

✔ Car Covers from Oxgord:

Since 1987, OxGord has been India’s best car body cover brand. Our high-quality auto parts are renowned worldwide.

Waterproof car covers guarantee maximum protection against extreme weather conditions and other environmental factors that could cause damage to your vehicle. Its Signature Waterproof Car Covers are the best in India.

✔ An elegant design:

Elegant is the best car body cover in India, as well as a very old brand that is famous for car covers.

Many brands of car covers can be found in online marketing, but one brand is considered to be the best car body cover in India due to its superior quality. Car covers from this brand are readily available across most of the country.

✔ Accessories for Leaders:

Accessories cover is the best brand of car body covers in India. For over 30 years, it has been making car covers. It is a very reliable manufacturer that manufactures its products.

Besides being popular with Leader Accessories grade car covers, it is also popular with waterproof car covers.

✔ TPH covers the following:

A car owner almost always knows the name of the TPH brand because it is the best car body cover in India. There are many reasons why TPH car covers are considered very famous all over the world.

Over the years, the TPH brand has been renowned for its car covers. Keeping your car protected with a car cover of such high quality is a great idea.

✔ All-Weather Kayme:

For 18 years, Kayme has been a very popular and well-known brand. In addition, it is also known for making auto parts in the market, so it is considered one of the best brands in India for car body covers.

The auto parts made by Kayme come in a wide range and are of the highest quality. Each of their veils contains aluminum stripes, indicating a very different identity. This makes them unique.

Kayme’s car inferiors protect your car from harmful solar rays. Additionally, it’s waterproof, so your car is protected during the rainy season.

Kayme car covers are considered to be of very good quality to protect your car against scratches.

Conclusion: The Best Car Cover in India

The best car body cover in India that are mentioned here are all from Good brand, which is doing quite well.

Every car owner should use a car body cover since this car body cover not only prevents paint loss during the rainy season months. In addition, garbage, dirt, bird droppings, and everything else on your car.

A car cover keeps your car safe and makes it look like new for a long time. I hope you enjoyed reading this post on the 12 India’s Best Car Body Covers.

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