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How Much to Spend on a Gaming Chair?

How much Spend On A Gaming Chair

How Much to Spend on a Gaming Chair?: There are plenty of steps to create the perfect gaming setup, from choosing the right LED lights to selecting the best gaming laptop. In addition, a good gaming chair is essential to make gaming more enjoyable. If you’re just setting up your gaming setup, you may not know what gaming chair to buy. A gaming chair might even be on your shopping list if you wonder how much to spend.

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It’s hard to know what price range is insanely high and which one is too cheap to last you a long time with all the gaming chairs on the market.

The purpose of this article is to examine how a premium gaming chair that costs around $500 or more differs from a basic gaming chair that costs $90.  You will have to spend depending on the quality of the gaming chair.

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Let’s talk about what causes the difference in price for gaming chairs and how to find the best offer.

How Much Should You Spend on a Gaming Chair?

The answer to this question isn’t as simple as you might think. There is more to know about how much to spend on a gaming chair than you might think.

There is no need to buy the $1,600 gaming chair. This logic can be applied to the best gaming chairs from other brands, such as AKRacing and Secretlabs. You can spend $400-$500 on a Secretlabs gaming chair as long as you use it daily if your budget is $100-200.

The answer depends on what features you prioritize and which ones you are willing to sacrifice. It might be necessary to stretch your budget if you want high-quality materials, premium builds, and adjustable features.

You can go with a budget gaming chair if you’re okay with cheaper fabric and less customization.

The following are general tiers and price ranges for gaming chairs:

  • Gaming Chairs that are the Cheapest: Less than $100
  • Gaming Chairs that are budget-friendly: $100 to $200
  • Gaming Chairs within a mid-range price: $200 to $500
  • Gaming Chairs with premium features: $500 and up

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Cheapest Gaming Chair (Under $100)

Several gaming chairs are surprisingly affordable and typically cost under $100. You can find an amazing chair at that price, whether you’re looking for basic comfort or something a little more fancy. Additionally, you can choose one that matches your gaming setup from a variety of colors and designs.

Top Pick: BestOffice Racing Style Ergonomic Rolling Swivel

Budget-friendly Gaming Chair ($100 to $200)

A budget-friendly gaming chair typically costs between $50 and $150. These chairs usually have basic ergonomic features like adjustable lumbar support, armrests, and reclining capabilities. Gaming chairs with lower prices typically don’t have as many features as those with higher prices, but they can still provide a comfortable gaming experience.

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Top Pick: GTRACING Gaming Chair with Footrest Speakers

GTRACING Gaming Chair

Gaming Chairs within a Mid-range Price ($200 to $500)

The mid-range gaming chair is a step up from the budget-friendly model. Typically, these chairs cost between $150 and $400, and many of them have additional features, such as adjustable headrests, tilts, and heights. A gaming chair with a bit of extra comfort and customization is a great option for gamers.

Top Pick: Razer Iskur Gaming Chair

Gaming Chairs with Premium features ($500 and up)

A premium gaming chair will cost you more than $400. With features such as adjustable backrests, lumbar support, and armrests, these chairs are designed for maximum comfort. A lot of them also include extra padding, breathable mesh material, and advanced features like built-in audio systems and RGB lighting.

Top Pick: RESPAWN RSP-900 Racing Style

RESPAWN RSP-900 Racing Reclining Gaming Chair
RESPAWN RSP-900 Racing Reclining Gaming Chair

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The Best Gaming Chair For You: (Also Great)

Secretlab Titan Evo:

AutoFull Gaming Chair with 3D Bionic Lumbar Support

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Gaming Chairs: What factors affect their price?

You need to consider several factors when determining how much a gaming chair costs. Start with what’s most important to you, and go from there. Among the factors that can increase the price of your gaming chair are stability, durability, comfort/adjustability, and immersion features. Let’s examine these variables in more detail.


A chair’s durability is one of the primary factors that determine its price. A chair’s durability is determined by its construction and materials.

A high-end chair will feature better quality and more robust materials, such as a steel frame. The fabric of a chair also plays a significant role in its durability. High-quality faux leather, polyurethane leather, or genuine leather is typically found on the most expensive and most durable chairs. Wear and tear tends to be reduced with these materials over time. 

The weight capacity of more durable chairs is also greater. If you want a leather gaming chair that will last, expect to pay more. 

Stability and Maneuverability 

Throughout the gaming experience, stability and maneuverability may be important variables. When moving from one area of your gaming setup to another, chair stability is crucial. Similarly, the quality of construction influences the chair’s cost. Consider the possibility that your character could respawn in a chaotic location, and you will appreciate the benefits of a maneuverable desk chair.

The chair casters are another important consideration here. It should be possible for them to move across a variety of flooring without getting jammed. A smooth and quick transition from one area to another may not always be possible with cheaper models. 

A gaming chair should also be able to swivel easily. This feature will be useful if you use your chair for both home office and gaming purposes. 

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Comfort and Adjustability 

It’s likely that you’re familiar with what a high-end gaming chair looks like if you’re into PC gaming. Time and resources are often required to develop ergonomic designs, making them more expensive.

Designed to mimic your body, ergonomic gaming chairs support your neck, shoulder, and back while allowing for unrestricted movement. In addition to improving your overall circulation and joint health, these chairs should help you maintain good posture. 

Your gaming chair may also include features like seat height adjustments, adjustable armrests, headrests, backrests, footrests, and added lumbar support, depending on its price point. Some chairs even come with lumbar pillows, neck pillows, memory foam cushioning, and recliners. Those features are worth a higher price tag if you play games for long periods of time. 

Immersion Features

When it comes to tech features such as built-in speakers and Bluetooth, the more features a product has, the higher the price. 

When purchasing cheap gaming chairs, you won’t find features that more expensive gaming chairs have. Some gamers may be interested in these features, whereas others may not. 

It’s important to discuss the impact of these features on the overall gaming experience if you want to understand better whether they matter to you. 

If your gaming chair has Bluetooth, you will be able to connect within 30+ feet of your system when it includes built-in speakers. In spite of the fact that you won’t be that far away, this flexibility allows you to move around without worrying about losing connection. 

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What Should You Consider Before Spending on a Gaming Chair 

Gamers are typically provided with a high backrest in gaming chairs to provide comfort and convenience.

There are three basic features that every gaming chair must have: an armrest, a footrest, and an adjustable height. It is recommended that you spend between $100 and $300 on a classy gaming chair.  

Before purchasing a gaming chair, you should consider a few other factors.

It is very important for you to decide your requirements regarding your gaming chair before purchasing one, as the additional features and functionalities can increase the cost.  Let’s check:

  • Racing Simulator Seats  

Usually, these gaming chairs are used for car racing games. In order to improve your racing game skills, you might want to use this one.

With racing simulator seats, you will be provided with a more realistic gaming experience.  

You can indeed spend several thousand dollars on a high-end racing simulator seat. Depending on your budget, you can even buy a couple of racing simulator chairs for $200 to $500.

In comparison, BestOffice Racing Style, RESPAWN 110, VON RACER, Soontrans Gaming Chairs are all more affordable options that can still provide a great racing game experience without breaking the bank.  

  • Quality Material Used  

It is very important to consider the material of the cover before purchasing a gaming chair. The most common materials used to make gaming seats are fabric and leather. Depending on your needs, you can choose one.

If you live somewhere with high temperatures, the fabric will fit you better since it will not make you sweat as much while you sit still.  

However, maintaining the lather is quite simple. Due to its plastic surface, leather is always easy to clean. Playing a tough round of a game also allows you to enjoy your snacks.

Fabric gaming chairs are usually less expensive than leather gaming chairs, despite leather being more durable. It depends on your budget and needs which one you choose.  

  • Padding & Cushions  

Additionally, some gaming chairs offer additional padding and cushions to make your gaming session extremely comfortable. You will have better lumber support with the extra padding and cushions, and you will sit in a more relaxed position with the neck pillows.

However, it can be quite expensive. It is always a good idea to invest in a chair that offers some extra comfort.  

  • Bluetooth Inputs  

Consider a gaming chair with Bluetooth inputs if you want to enjoy high-quality audio. Wireless chairs are made possible by Bluetooth inputs.

They connected the audio of your game via Bluetooth without the need for a wire that can be disruptive while playing. It can be expensive to purchase gaming chairs that have this kind of technology.  

If you plan to connect a Bluetooth chair to a gaming device, you must ensure that the device has Bluetooth functionality as well.

You don’t need to spend money on a chair with a Bluetooth option if you won’t be able to use it.  

  • Subwoofers & Speakers   

If you play video games, you know how challenging it can be to wear headphones all day. As a result, gaming seats now come with speakers and subwoofers. In order to provide you with clear and complete audio, they are usually mounted on the back of your headrest.  

It is important to consider the cost of gaming chairs with speakers and subwoofers carefully since they can be quite expensive. Consider your desires and needs before deciding whether you need this feature.  

  • Vibration  

Vibrators are installed in many expensive chairs that give you an authentic sense of the game. By vibrating while you play adventure games, your gaming chair’s motors can enhance your gaming experience.

A serious game enthusiast will undoubtedly appreciate this feature if they spend money on it.  

  • Size Adjustments   

Chairs with enormous size modifications are available at a high price. It is important that a gaming chair has size adjustments so that it can be used by anyone.

In order to enjoy gaming sessions with your friends, you need a chair with the best size adjustment capabilities.  

There are many chairs that can be adjusted for your comfort to eliminate any discomfort, including the armrests, footrests, height, and neck.

It is, therefore, important to consider how comfortable a chair will be for gaming if you intend to use it for a long period of time. There can be no compromise between comfort and affordability.  

Our Favorite Gaming Chairs You should Check:

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or a high-end luxury gaming chair, we have something that suits your budget.

1. VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair with Footrest

  • Designed with a USB electric massager, the lumbar cushion effectively relieves fatigue; Retractable padded footrest, 360° swivel base, smooth rollers, adjustable armrests, height, and back reclining angles make it an excellent video gaming chair with a recline locking system that allows the back to be locked between 90° and 135°.

2. X Rocker SE Pro Video Gaming Lounging Pedestal Chair

You can use this faux leather lounging game chair to play video games, watch movies and TV, listen to music, read, and relax.

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3. RESPAWN 3085 Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Gaming chair with a racecar-style design that provides luxury and comfort, whether you are gaming intensely and climbing the leaderboards or working long hours.

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4. Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers RGB LED Lights

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Designed with LED lights on the back and the edge of the seat, displaying diffenrent colors. Built-in two Bluetooth speakers, surround sound system can bring you the best entertainment experience.

5. X Rocker Pro

With wireless audio, 2-speakers and subwoofer, ergonomic lumbar, neck support, armrests, tilt and swivel, this video gaming pedestal chair is durable, comfortable, foldable, and comes in black leather.

6. AKRacing Core Series EX

A chair with these dimensions has a height of 5’3″ to 6’3″ and a width of 27″. The back is 32.75″ high and 21.25″ wide. The net weight of the chair is 48.55 pounds. A durable metal frame with anti-corrosive coating is padded with high-density cold-cured foam. The foam is made from a mold-shaping foam for maximum comfort. For comfort and enhanced ergonomics, the headrest and lumbar support pillows can be adjusted.

Three-dimensional armrests that can be adjusted in three directions: up and down, back and forth, and sideways.

Should You Buy Cheap Gaming Chairs?

There are gaming chairs under $100, but they are more hit than miss in terms of quality. They usually mimic the popular racing style of gaming chairs, which are made up of online, unknown brands.

Most sofa recliners and floor rockers follow the same basic design and cost the same. With chairs under $100 or $150, the focus is on visual appeal, and the sale is based on it.

They know you’re looking for a cheap option, they know you’re shopping online, and they trust your judgment. These chairs aren’t well made on the inside. Low-quality PU leather or foam that is too thin to provide much support is evident from the start.

These chairs tend to suffer from mass manufacturing issues such as poor stitching since quality control isn’t at the forefront.

There is a possibility that they will not match the color shown online. Taking a closer look at the chair’s makeup and performance only makes matters worse.

These low-end options use plywood or plastic framing that is more likely to bow or break and make more noise.

There are usually basic armrests, as well as some that can recline or be adjusted in height. This isn’t a great investment, even if it fits within your budget. Poor construction makes these chairs unusable after 2 to 4 years.

It would be better to get a regular office chair or save up a bit more to get the first budget tier.

Why Are Gaming Chairs So Expensive?

It can be difficult to make a decision when it comes to purchasing a gaming chair. You can choose from many options, including furniture that you can sit on. Despite the fact that branded office chairs are also expensive, why are gaming chairs so pricey?

In this article, you’ll learn why gaming chairs are so expensive and how much you should spend on one.

  • Brand
  • Quality of Material
  • Foam padding
  • Gaming chair exterior
  • Design or Ergonomic
  • Other features

Final Thoughts

Here are Our final thoughts on How Much to Spend on a Gaming Chair? To conclude, when choosing a gaming chair, it is important to consider several factors. You should take into consideration the quality, the type of material, and your budget when choosing a gaming chair. It is possible to find a gaming chair that meets your needs while remaining within your budget with such a variety of options available. Investing in a good quality gaming chair is a great way to make your gaming experience more comfortable, convenient, and stylish.

You can either invest in a good gaming chair or just adjust and make the gaming chair more comfortable or how you sit in your gaming chair to prevent lower-back pain in the future. That’s all! Please do visit our site if you would like to read more reviews of gaming chairs and guides.

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