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Is American Tourister Durable: Unveiling the Truth

American Tourister Durability

When it comes to purchasing luggage, the question of durability is extremely important and it depends on luggage material. A traveler wants the best luggage that can withstand frequent use and provides long-lasting value. One popular brand that often comes up in this conversation is American Tourister. In this article, we will take a close look into the question, “Is American Tourister durable?” In short Answer Yes, American Tourister makes travel bags and luggage that are generally known for their durability. 

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We will explore the key factors that contribute to the Durability of American Tourister travel bags, providing you with an informed perspective to make the best choice for your travel needs. To begin with, we tested the American Tourister in different aspects. Also, we are taking customer feedback and expert opinion into consideration to ensure the durability of the American tourister.

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About American Tourister’s Luggage

To understand American Tourister’s durability, let’s get to know the brand a little better. For decades, American Tourister has been a well-established luggage brand. Travelers have trusted American Tourister since it was founded in 1933.  Travelers of all kinds choose this hotel because of its affordability and stylish design.

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What Makes American Tourister Luggage Durable?

To understand the durability of American Tourister luggage, we need to explore the materials and construction methods used. American Tourister employs a combination of robust materials such as polycarbonate and polyester for their luggage. These materials are known for their strength and resilience. This makes American Tourister’s luggage more durable and strong.

The Strength of Polycarbonate

A popular choice for hardshell luggage is polycarbonate, which is highly impact-resistant. American Tourister incorporates polycarbonate into many of its products, ensuring that your luggage can withstand rough handling during travel.

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Reinforced Zippers and Handles

Another aspect that contributes to the durability of American Tourister luggage is the use of reinforced zippers and handles. These components are often the first to show wear and tear in luggage, but American Tourister reinforces them to ensure longevity.

Also, American Tourister tests its luggage rigorously, including drop tests, impact tests, and handle strength tests. This commitment to quality assurance ensures that only the most durable products make it to market.

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How we tested Durability of American tourister

We have performed several tests and tasks to check the durability of American tourister:

Drop tests 

I tested the durability of American Tourister luggage through a series of rigorous tests. First, I conducted drop tests to simulate the impact of the luggage being thrown onto conveyor belts or handled roughly during travel. I observed that American Tourister luggage consistently performed well in these tests, thanks to its robust construction.

Zipper strength

Next, I focused on testing the strength of zippers, which are a critical component of any luggage. I made sure that the zippers were built to last, preventing snags and breakages that can be a common headache for travelers.

Telescopic handle’s strength

I rigorously tested the durability of the telescopic handle on American Tourister luggage by subjecting it to repeated extensions and retractions, simulating the wear and tear it would experience during frequent travel. I found that the handle mechanism exhibited remarkable strength and resilience, with no signs of malfunction or weakness even after extensive use. 

Durability of the wheels

Lastly, I evaluated the durability of the wheels by subjecting them to tests that mimicked the rolling and pivoting that luggage experiences during travel. This ensured that travelers wouldn’t find themselves struggling with wobbly wheels in the middle of their journey.


As part of our testing, we assessed American Tourister’s waterproof capabilities and water resistance, reiterating the brand’s reputation for toughness and reliability. We tested the luggage under various simulated weather conditions and environmental conditions. 

Customer Feedback

I found that customer feedback serves as a valuable source of insights into the durability of American Tourister luggage. Many travelers, including myself, have reported positive experiences with the longevity of their American Tourister bags. This feedback speaks volumes about the brand’s commitment to quality, and it reinforces my confidence in the durability of American Tourister luggage based on the brand’s experience.

Real-Life Durability Stories from Travelers

We turned to real-world experiences to determine whether American Tourister is durable. A number of travelers have told stories about American Tourister luggage enduring countless journeys without any significant wear or tear as a result of frequent use.

The following is some customer feedback regarding the durability of American Tourister: 

“My American Tourister suitcase has been with me on multiple international trips, and it still looks almost brand new. The durability is impressive!”

– Alex H.

“I had an American Tourister suitcase for over a decade, and it finally gave out. I immediately replaced it with another American Tourister because I knew I could trust its durability.”

– Aayu M.

My Personal Experience

I’ve been a loyal user of American Tourister luggage for over a decade. From international flights to weekend getaways, my American Tourister suitcase has been a reliable companion. It has weathered rough baggage handling, tight overhead compartments, and even a few accidental drops, all while maintaining its integrity.

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Is American Tourister Durable: Expert Opinions

To further establish the durability of American Tourister luggage, we reached out to luggage experts. They unanimously praise the brand for its use of high-quality materials and rigorous testing procedures.

Which Luggage Is More Durable: Hard Side or Soft Side?

Is American Tourister durable? When it comes to hard-sided luggage Yes it is durable because. It is made from polycarbonate, ABS, or polypropylene.  For soft-sided luggage, polyester or nylon are used, which are durable and flexible materials. It does not have the same level of durability as hard side luggage.

Review of the Best American Tourister Durable luggage

We tested the American Tourister luggage for strength, water resistance, and scratch resistance. We also evaluated the brand’s reputation for durability and reliability. Finally, we looked at customer feedback to ensure customer satisfaction. Having compiled those factors and results,  here are some of the best durable American Tourister luggage.

Best American Tourister Polycarbonate Durable Luggage:

American Tourister Polycarbonate 25.98 inches Hard Suitcase is an Ideal travel companion for style, durability, and convenience. This suitcase is made from rugged polycarbonate material to ensure your belongings remain safe during your travels. The spacious 25.98-inch case offers ample storage space, while its hard-shell construction resists impacts and rough use. 

Best American Tourister Polypropylene Hard Sided Double Spinner Wheel Luggage:

Durability and convenience are the hallmarks of this travel bag. This bag is comes with double spinner wheels for easy movement, and a size 67 cm Medium Check-in. While its hard-sided shell ensures protection from rough handling. Featuring ample storage space and a combination lock for added security, the suitcase is ideal for longer trips. 

Best American Tourister Cruze Large Check-in (ABS) Hard Sided Durable Luggage:

Its ABS material ensures your belongings are well-protected throughout your trip. With four smooth spinner wheels, it effortlessly navigates busy airports. A generous 80 cms in size ensures ample space for long trips, and the hard-sided design provides robust protection against impacts.

Best American Tourister Splash Small Cabin Polycarbonate Hard Sided Luggage:

The vibrant Coral-Multicolor design adds a touch of personality to your travels.  Its sturdy polycarbonate material ensures your essentials stay secure during travel. The smooth spinner wheels smoothly navigate through busy airports, so you can enjoy your trip without hassle. A compact 55 cm in size, its hard-sided construction makes it perfect for cabin storage. 

Best American Tourister Polypropylene Hard 55 Cms Luggage

Introducing the ultimate travel companion, our 32-liter hardshell suitcase in sleek Titanium. It is constructed of durable polypropylene, so your belongings remain protected during your journeys. Due to its lightweight design, it makes travel effortless. Measuring 37 cm x 23 cm x 55 cm (LxWxH), it offers ample space for your essentials. The TSA lock ensures security, while the four double wheels provide impeccable balance and maneuverability. This suitcase is laptop-compatible. Elevate your travel experience with our Titanium masterpiece – where style meets durability.


Is American Tourister a good choice for frequent travelers?

Yes, There is no doubt that American Tourister is a great option for frequent travelers. Durability makes it an investment for the long term, as it can endure regular use.

Is American Tourister as durable as other luggage brands?

As far as durability is concerned, American Tourister competes favorably with other leading luggage brands. Quality materials and testing set it apart from the competition.

How can I maintain the durability of my American Tourister luggage?

Keep your American Tourister luggage clean, avoid overpacking, and handle it carefully to maintain its durability. It will last longer if you follow these simple guidelines.

Does American Tourister offer a luggage warranty?

Yes, there is a warranty on American Tourister luggage. When purchasing, check the specific warranty terms.

Are there any specific models of American Tourister luggage known for their exceptional durability?

There is a wide range of American Tourister luggage available, but the Moonlight Hardside Spinner series is particularly popular because of its robust design.


In conclusion, American Tourister has earned its reputation for durability through quality materials, thorough testing, and real-world customer experience. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or a seasoned world traveler, you can be assured that American Tourister luggage is high-quality and built to last. So, the answer to the question, “Is American Tourister durable?” is a resounding yes.

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