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Which Material is Best for Trolley Bags?

Best Material for Trolley Bags
Best Material for Trolley Bags

As a traveler, I know how essential trolley bags have become, and it is the most convenient pieces of luggage when it comes to travel. So choosing the right material for a trolley bag can be crucial in ensuring that it lasts longer, waterproof and is suitable for travel needs. With so many brands like Original American tourister, Samsonite, Delsey and Nasher miles offering high-quality trolley bags on the market, making a choice can be overwhelming. In this article, We have researched and testing and provide a comprehensive guide on which Material is Best for Trolley Bags?

Importance of Choosing the Right Material for Luggage Bags

It is crucial to choose the right luggage bag material to ensure a good travel experience. A luggage’s material determines how well it protects belongings, how easy it is to transport, and how long it lasts.

  • It is important to use a material that is durable to protect your luggage from damage and to ensure that your belongings are safe during handling.
  • Using lightweight materials makes luggage lighter in weight and moving and lifting luggage easier, reducing the strain you put on your body.
  • The material can also affect how your luggage looks and feels, which is important to some travelers.

So, therefore crucial to understand the characteristics and pros and cons of different luggage bag materials so that you can make an informed decision that will meet your travel needs.

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What kind of material are trolley bags made up of?

In our research and discussions with the manufacturing team, we found that there are various materials used for trolley bags, each with its unique features and benefits. Here are some of the most popular materials used for trolley bags. Now let’s look at Which Material Is Best For Trolley Bags?

1. Hard-shell: 

These hard-shell trolley bags are the perfect choice for those who need a reliable and robust bag for storing their belongings while traveling. You can reduce the risk of bumps and knocks during transit by using these bags made from durable, tough plastic shells. 

Hard-shell trolley bags are made of durable materials such as polycarbonate, Polypropylene, and ABS plastic. As well as providing excellent protection, they prevent scratches and dents from damaging your belongings. The downside is that they can be heavy and may crack under extreme pressure.

ABS Plastic:

In trolley bags, ABS plastic is widely used because of its durability, impact resistance, and high temperature resistance. It is also lightweight, so it is easier to carry around. The ABS plastic trolley bags are a fantastic choice if you are a frequent traveler who wants a bag that can withstand daily wear and tear. It has recommended as the best material for trolley bags. A major drawback of ABS plastic is that it may crack or scratch over time.

American Tourister Stratum ABS Plastic Luggage


This lightweight and durable material is ideal for trolley bags because of its lightweight and durability. It has the ability to withstand high temperatures, impact, and scratching. There is no better trolley bag than a polycarbonate trolley bag for frequent travelers that need a bag that can withstand harsh environments without breaking. It has considered as the best material for trolley bags. One of the disadvantages of using polycarbonate is that it can be more expensive than other materials.

Travelpro Roundtrip Polycarbonate
Travelpro Roundtrip Polycarbonate Luggage


Hard-side luggage often uses this thermoplastic polymer. Due to its lightweight, impact-resistant, and high degree of flexibility, it can bend without breaking. After polycarbonate, it is the second most durable material used in luggage. It is waterproof and tear-resistant, making it suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. You’ll find polypropylene trolley bags to be an excellent choice for both business trips and vacations when it comes to storing your belongings.

Samsonite Near Polypropylene
Samsonite Near Polypropylene Luggage

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Which is better polypropylene or polycarbonate luggage?

Polypropylene and polycarbonate are two materials commonly used in luggage manufacturing, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. 

As a result of our research and testing, Polypropylene is lightweight, flexible, and relatively inexpensive, it is not as durable as other materials and is more prone to deforming when stressed. 

However, polycarbonate is usually more expensive and less flexible than polypropylene, because it is tougher and more resistant to wear and tear. 

Polypropylene is a good option for those looking for a lightweight and affordable option, while polycarbonate is a better option for those looking for a durable, long-lasting option. Ultimately, the choice will depend on personal preferences and intended use.

2. Soft-shell:

There are many types of soft-shell trolley bags, including nylon, Polyester, and leather trolley bags, which are made of lightweight, flexible materials. Many of them can be expanded and have multiple pockets so they can be used to organize your belongings. If you’re looking for a bag that’s both lightweight and durable, then you should consider a soft-shell trolley bag. One of the disadvantages of these bags is that they provide less protection than hard-shell bags.


It is well known that nylon is a good material for trolley bags because of its lightweight and durable properties. It is also water-resistant, making it an excellent choice for travelers who may encounter rain during their trips. There are a number of advantages to using nylon trolley bags for frequent travelers who are in the need of a bag that can handle different weather conditions and is easy to carry around. However, nylon trolley bags do not possess the same level of strength as ABS plastic or polycarbonate.

Traveler's Choice Birmingham Ballistic Nylon
Traveler’s Choice Birmingham Ballistic Nylon


A trolley bag made from polyester is a durable, affordable material which is easy to maintain. The material is lightweight and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. There are many advantages of Polyester trolley bags, especially for budget-conscious travelers who are looking for a bag that can last a long time. Polyester is not water resistant, which can be a disadvantage for travelers who may face rain on their journeys.

Coolife Polyester Luggage
Coolife Polyester Luggage


There is no denying that leather trolley bags are a classic and elegant option for travelers. As leather is a durable material that can withstand wear and tear, it makes it a great choice for frequent travelers who need a bag that will last a long time and is durable. Although leather trolley bags are heavy, they may require more maintenance than other types of bags.

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Which bag material is Best nylon or polyester?

Based on our research and testing,  nylon is a lightweight, strong, and durable material, making it ideal for outdoor activities or travel. The material is also water-resistant, so it is ideal for wet weather. The downside of nylon is that it may fade more easily and is not as eco-friendly as polyester. 

Conversely, polyester, which is resistant to UV rays and does not fade easily, is a more durable material. As it is made from recycled materials, it is also more environmentally friendly than nylon. Nylon and polyester may be stronger than each other, but polyester may not be as water-resistant as nylon.

Nylon bags are a good choice for outdoor activities or travel, while polyester bags are more durable and environmentally friendly, depending on personal preferences and intended use.

Hybrid Materials

As trolley bags become more popular, hybrid materials are becoming more popular as well. Materials such as these are designed to combine the best features of two or more materials to create a bag that is durable, lightweight, and functional at the same time. For travelers who need a bag that is versatile enough to handle different environments and lasts for a long period of time, hybrid trolley bags are a great option.

Which trolley bag is best Hard or Soft? 

You can choose between hard and soft trolley bags based on your personal preference and requirements. It’s more expensive and provides better protection for fragile items, but you can’t compress it. The soft-shell luggage is more flexible and easier to pack, but fragile items may not be adequately protected. The decision ultimately depends on the traveler.

What is the Most Durable Luggage Material?

Hard-sided luggage made from materials such as polycarbonate or ABS Plastic and aluminum is the most durable. The materials used in these products are durable and resistant to scratches, dents, and other types of damage. In addition, hard-sided luggage is less prone to tearing or cracking than soft-sided luggage. In addition to proper care and handling, luggage materials are not completely indestructible, and proper luggage handling can ensure their durability.


Here we are at the end of our article on Which Material is Best for Trolley Bags? We known that Materials can make a significant difference in the durability, functionality, and appearance of your trolley bag. Remember to consider factors such as durability, weight, water-resistance, and maintenance when selecting a material for your trolley bag. But if I had to summarize which luggage materials are based on our expert opinion, here are suggestions.

  • Based on our experience and test, polyester is the first material to consider for a trolley bag. A popular choice due to its affordability and durability. The variety of colors and designs of polyester trolley bags make them a great option for those who want to express their personal style while traveling. In addition to being water-resistant, polyester also comes in handy on rainy days or when spills happen.
  • Consider a trolley bag made from polycarbonate if you often travel over rough terrain. Despite being lightweight, this material is extremely strong, making it ideal for handling bumps and knocks. You can also choose from a variety of colors and designs when it comes to polycarbonate trolley bags.
  • There is no better choice than leather trolley bags for those who prioritize luxury. There are many benefits associated with leather and its long lasting durability, as well as its ability to develop a beautiful patina over time and to preserve its timeless appeal. The downside of leather trolley bags is that they can be quite expensive and require some maintenance to ensure they stay in top condition for as long as possible.
  • Last but not least, If you want a trolley bag that is lightweight and durable, nylon may be your best option. Trolley bags made from nylon are known for their strength and resistance to wear and tear. As well as being water-resistant, these bags are also easy to clean, making them an ideal choice for travelers. You can also organize your belongings more efficiently with nylon trolley bags, which often have multiple compartments and pockets.

We hope this comprehensive guide will inform you how to choose the right material for your trolley bag based on your travel needs.  Also check these out as well for your travel accessories: best camera for youtube videos under 10 000

Frequently Asked Questions

Which material is the most durable for trolley bags?

For trolley bags, polycarbonate and ABS plastic are the most durable materials.

Which material is the most lightweight for trolley bags?

Trolley bags are generally made from nylon and polyester, which are lightweight materials.

Can frequent travelers use leather trolley bags?

Yes, leather trolley bags are suitable for frequent travelers, but they can be heavy and require more maintenance than other materials.

Can hybrid material trolley bags handle different environments?

A hybrid material trolley bag is designed to handle a variety of environments and last a long time.

Is there a material that offers the best waterproofing for trolley bags?

The materials nylon and polycarbonate are suitable for trolley bags because they are water-resistant.

Do polycarbonate suitcases crack?

Polycarbonate bags are more flexible and resistant to cracks than polypropylene and ABS suitcases.