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How to Setup LED Lights on Gaming Desk [5 Easy Steps]

Setup LED Lights on Gaming Desk
Setup LED Lights on Gaming Desk

Setup LED Lights on Gaming Desk: If you’re looking to take your gaming experience to the next level, then you need to have a good gaming setup. Gaming setups with led lights can add a lot of flairs. They can make it look more professional and can even help you to see your keyboard and mouse better in low-light conditions.

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What to consider before setting up LED strip lights on desk

So, if you’re interested in adding some LED strip lights to your gaming desk, then read here some tips on how to set up LED lights on gaming desk

Choose the right LED Strip lights:

When we start how to set up led strip lights for gaming, the first thing is to choose the right LED light. Not all LED lights are created equal. You’ll want to make sure you choose lights that are specifically designed for gaming desks. If you’re looking for a more subtle lighting option, then you might want to consider using LED strips. These are thin, flexible strips of LEDs that you can adhesive to the underside of your desk.

This will ensure that they provide the right level of brightness and that they don’t produce any unwanted glare.

You can check here a list of the best gaming room LED strip lights

Determine the best placement for your LED lights:

Once you’ve chosen the right LED lights, you’ll need to decide where to place them. The best place to put them is usually under the desk, near the monitor. This will ensure that the light shines directly on the gaming surface, providing the best possible gaming experience. This is the important steps when you setup LED lights on gaming desk.

Is there a wire-free gap behind your desk? Are there any obstructions on your bottom?

  • When the desk isn’t too close to the wall

Place them facing the wall to illuminate the entire wall. The lights on the back wall will be visible when you use your setup, but if you face them downwards, you won’t be able to see them.

If you want to mount it on wood, try using clips and see how it looks or gently mount a piece of wood (and use a long-lasting glue and let it dry). That way you can try it

  • In a case where the desk is close to the wall

Is it possible to face it slightly upwards while facing the wall? It’s likely that you’ll get what you want if you do that.

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What do you need to install LED lights

Power supply:

For lighting, this transformer converts 120 volts from an outlet to 12 volts.


With a remote or smartphone app, you can control the light’s color and brightness. On wires use set screws to connect wires. If you just want to turn on and off the lights, use switches instead of controllers.

LED Wire:

Depending on the configuration of the LED strip, wires are available with two, four, five or six color-coded 22ga.

A solderless wire clamp:

Solderless LED connectors have advanced rapidly due to the rapid development of LED strip lights. To make the connection, the clamp pierces the wire and holds it in place. Your LED strip must be clamped with the correct number of wires. Make sure LED connectors have the same number of pins and width as LED strips when you choose them. Otherwise, the connectors won’t work. 

RGBW LED strip light strip: 

This product comes in a variety of colors and sizes, some of which are weatherproof, and there are varying levels of brightness. In addition to cutting the strips to size, they can also be connected in more than one length. Simple installation is made possible by an adhesive backing.

3M tape or strip mounting brackets

Use 3M tape to adhere LED strips to mounting surfaces. Or you can use brackets and screws to mount the strips.

Aluminum extrusion profile:

Exposed light strips are given a clean look by an aluminum channel and frosted cover.

Installation of LED strip lights is optional with LED aluminum profiles. Aluminum profiles are ideal for strip lights because they have many advantages.

  • Provide better heat management for strip lights.
  • For better strip light installation, it serves as a mounting bridge.
  • The diffuser cover provides better light diffusion.
  • Take care of LED strips by protecting them against dust, impact, etc.

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How to Install LED Strip Lights

Here is the step-by-step guide for how to set up RGB led strip lights:

Step 1: Measure and cut LED strips

After you have determined the length you need, you should cut the strip through the copper contacts. In order to maintain the connection, it is important to cut right on this line.

Step 2: Connect the Cable with Solderless clamps

Solderless clamps

Solderless clamps have used to attach the wires to the strip. The strips should be pushed into the clamp until they are about halfway up, and then the colored wires should be aligned with the LED strip labels. You may have to rearrange them if they aren’t in the same order. Don’t need to strip Wires, just pinch the clamp tight

Step 3: Connecting the controller

LED Controller

Change the color of the lights or dim them using the controller. if you use color-changing lights, you need controllers. Identify the controller port that corresponds to each colored wire. Put the screws into place by tightening them.

Step 4: Install the lights

Remove the adhesive backing, then stick the lights wherever you need them. Aluminium channels are suitable if the lights will not be completely hidden. With a frosted lens, the channel fits different-sized LED strips and gives this combination a finished look.

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How to hang LED strip lights?

Now we have to install the LED Strip Light in two ways. The mounting brackets have attached with 3M double-sided tape or can be attached with 3M double-sided tape.

Install using 3M tape

3M tape

The process of sticking LED strips to mounting surfaces by using 3M tape is often referred to as peel and stick installation. In order to adhere the light strip to the application surface, it’s necessary to peel off the protection film or liner, stick the two feet light strip to the surface, peel it off for another two feet, stick it, and so on.

Two feet of the light strip should be applied at a time to prevent entanglement or dust from getting stuck to the light strip. 

Sticking the LED strip should not be done with too much pressure on the LEDs. There is a direct correlation between adhesive-to-surface contact and bond strength. In order to improve bond strength, strong adhesive contact must be applied with firm pressure.

Be careful not to overpress LEDs and resistors. The only areas where pressure should be applied are those without LEDs or other electrical components. It may be helpful to use a big rubber pad like an eraser.

By using strip mounting brackets

mounting brackets

Strip mounting brackets and screws are another method of hanging LED strip lights. Outdoor strip lights can be installed using this method.

It can also be used in interior lighting applications that require LED strips that are concealed or invisible, such as ceiling coves. Dusty application surfaces on ceiling coves could be challenging to prepare for extended periods. Moreover, LEDs will not be blocked by the mounting brackets.

Step 5: Turn on the power supplies 

Positive and negative 12-volt leads can be used to connect LED strip lights to 12-volt systems such as boats, trailers, or cars. Transformers must be plugged into outlets, and then controllers must be plugged into outlets. Let your strip lighting shine! Simply turn the power on and enjoy!

Enjoy your new LED gaming desk setup. That’s it for How to Setup LED Lights on Gaming Desk! With these steps, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of LED lighting on your gaming table. You can also use this guide to install LED strip lights on the wall or around corners

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do LED lights go in a gaming setup?

You can find it behind your monitor or screen. Led light strips can be easily installed behind your monitor. Adding lights to your gaming space can brighten it up and give it a personal touch.

Are LED strip lights easy to install?

Installation is quick and easy. Due to their flexibility, LED strip lights can be adapted to suit many different environments, while the adhesive backing makes them easy to install anywhere.

How do you connect LED strip lights to power supply?

Your led strips are connected to the ends of your led splitter, and your female connector connects to your power supply’s male connector. As a result, the lights will work as they should and power will be distributed evenly.

Why do gamers use LED lights?

LED lights are used by gamers because they create special effects and add personality to gaming room setups. Additionally, they boost concentration and set the right mood for gaming.

What’s the best-LED color for gaming?

Gaming lights with the best colors. LEDs or CFLs (compact fluorescent bulbs) with daylight white temperatures are the best options.

Are LED lights good for gaming?

With many color options available, LED lights create soft and relaxing environments. You can immerse yourself in the game environment with models such as BlissLights’ BlissGlow LED strips. A modern glow will refresh your space.

What color temp should I use for gaming?

6500K. The color temperature is close to 6500K, and the grayscale test results are better

What are gamer colors?

Color schemes for game rooms are:
Red and black: Brown
Orange: Green
Pink: Black and white
Black: Blue
White: Gray

What is the best LED light color?

Best LED Light Color for Study. Reading and studying are most often done in yellow light. Yellow LED light color, on the other hand, is criticized by some as too weak and cozy. They choose the light color by their preferences. 6000–6500K or nature white 4000–4500K are the best LED light color for studying

How can I decorate my room for gaming?

Here are 10 ideas for decorating your gaming room:
Taking into account that the entire room’s space is important.
A lot depends on the ambient lighting.
Choosing the entertainment center and units.
Providing a soundproof environment for personal use.
Choosing the right home theater system.
Gaming room setup that is inviting.
Decide on the wall decor.

How do I light up my gaming keyboard?

When you press Fn+F4, the keyboard will be illuminated more brightly. By pressing Fn+F3, you can turn off the keyboard’s backlighting and decrease its brightness.

Can I use RGB LED Strip without a controller?

Power Distribution Boards are useful. With a power distribution board, you can easily wire RGB LED strips without a controller. Using this method, you will be able to easily separate the continuous voltage from your power source into three different colors.

Why do gamers use neon lights?

The bright, consistent light of LED neon lights can make your gaming room look more professional. Lighting like this creates an environment that is more conducive to serious gaming.

How do you plan a gaming setup?

10 Tips to Build the Ultimate Gaming Setup at Home
It Starts with a Good Chair. …
How to choose the right PC.
Choosing an Appropriate Monitor.
Gamers can use a projector to play games.
Choosing the right desk.
PC Game Controllers: How to Choose One.
Lighting Appropriately.
Gaming keyboards are good.

How do you install LED wall strips?

The adhesive backing on most LED strips is made by 3M. Peel off the adhesive backing once the strips have been cut to size and the surface has been prepared. Apply gentle pressure to the strip when applying it to the designated surface.

How do you build a gaming setup for beginners?

An ideal gaming setup for a beginner includes a comfortable chair, a capable headset, and a PC capable of running your favorite titles in the future. You don’t always need the strongest PC to enjoy gaming, so going with a console is not a bad idea.

How can I make my gaming setup look nice?

Here are 6 easy ways to improve the look of your gaming setup
Make sure you have a gaming desk and chair. It is necessary to have a gaming table in order to store all of your gaming equipment.
Hide cords.
Personalized Gaming Playmats are available for purchase.
Headphone stands should be incorporated.
Make your desk more functional with a monitor stand.
Plants are a great addition to the mix.

What is a gaming setup?

Setup for PC gaming. A PC gaming setup includes one or more monitors, a keyboard and mouse, a gaming chair, and a gaming desk. Your gaming setup can be elevated and personalized once you have the basics in place.

How can I make my gaming setup look cool?

6 Ways to Make Your PC Setup Look Awesome
Mousepad with extra large size. When your mouse slips off the pad in the middle of a game, it’s the worst.
Stand for headphones.
Using reusable cable ties is a good idea.
Cables made to order for PCs.
Combs for cable.
Monitor stand mounted on the desk.

Can I cut LED Strip Lights?

Due to the fact that LED Strip Lights can be easily cut along the given cut lines, and connected at any point between the copper dots, the lengths of the LED Strip Lights vary.

What LED color is best for gaming?

Best Colored Lights for Gaming is:
It is best to use LEDs or CFLs (compact fluorescent bulbs) with daylight white temperatures.

Do LED lights make a room hot?

What is the effect of LED lights on a room’s temperature? LED lights are constantly hyped for their efficiency, making you wonder if they can heat a room. This question cannot be answered. LED bulbs reduce the temperature of a room due to their high efficiency, which produces minimal heat.

How do you make LED lights less harsh?

Illuminant should be replaced. You can permanently solve the problem by replacing the too bright bulbs with a variant that has the same lamp socket but uses less power.
Dim the light with a dimmer.
Diffuser foil should be used.
Align the text differently.
Dim the light with a dimmer.
Diffuser foil should be used.
The status lights should be turned off.
Displays with LEDs are covered.

Do LEDs attract bugs?

There is no insect attraction caused by LED lights, unlike incandescent lights. They do, however, improve the efficiency of bug lights. As well as being quieter, LED bug zappers are also more efficient.


I hope this article helped you to understand how to setup LED lights on your gaming desk. It will be easy for you to install LED strip lights after reading this guide. Adding LED lights to your gaming desk is a great way to make it more attractive and personal. Using the instructions above, start experimenting with different lighting effects to find what works for you.

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