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How to Fix a Squeaky Chair without WD-40

Fix a Squeaky Chair without WD-40
Fix a Squeaky Chair without WD-40

It can be quite annoying to have a squeaky chair (Whether it’s an office chair or a gaming chair). It has already been discussed how to fix a squeaky chair with WD40, but there are a few other ways to fix it without using special products such as WD40.

Before you can stop an unpleasant noise, you must find where it is coming from. The most common way to stop a squeaky chair is with Liquid Displacement, also known as WD 40. As a liquid displacement spray, it lubricates wheels, gears, hinges, and other moving parts. The WD40 also acts as a solvent, degreaser, and anti-corrosion element. Here are some of the ways you can stop a squeaky chair without using a WD 40.

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What causes squeaky chairs?

But before we get to how to Stop a Squeaky Chair without WD40, let’s talk about some of the main causes. These Squeaky noises are caused by a number of factors:

  • Chair joints tend to be loose, which is the most common cause. Your weight puts pressure upon the joint when you sit down, causing it to move and grind against other parts of the chair as it presses against it. As a result, there is that characteristic squeaking sound that is produced.
  • A squeaky chair can also be caused by dryness, which is another common cause. There is a possibility that the joints on your chair may grind together more easily if they are dry and will produce more noise if they are dry. A little bit of oil can be used to lubricate the joints to solve this problem.
  • Squeaky chairs may also be caused by poor quality materials used in their manufacture. Squeaking can also be caused by poorly constructed joints or softwood.

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5 Ways to Fix a Squeaky Chair without WD-40

Here are some tips you can try to fix a squeaky chair without wd-40. The chair may have to be replaced or repaired if it isn’t working.

Tightening of screws and nuts

Whether it’s an office chair or a gaming chair, Make sure the metal parts of the chair are properly screwed and check for any loose parts. To prevent the squeaky sound, make sure the bolts and nuts are properly tightened. Loose screws do not usually make such an unpleasant sound, but it is not uncommon to hear them make such a sound at times. If there are parts that have been loosened, you can tighten them with a wrench or screwdriver. Ensure that all parts that appear to be sturdy are inspected.

Use Silicon spray

To ensure smooth movement, spray silicon on the axles of the wheels. Ensure even distribution in the wheels by moving the chair after spraying. Because air conditioners and air moisture can cause rust, spraying the chair mechanism will prevent it from forming. The silicon can also be spread by rolling or flipping the chair back over. This is the best alternative to Fix a Squeaky Chair without WD-40.

Putting weight on the chair when applying oil

You can find out where the squeaky noise is coming from by asking a friend to sit in it and see where it is coming from. It is also possible for the person to turn from one side to the other in order to be able to determine exactly where the sound is coming from. As a result, you are able to apply oil to the areas where it is needed. 

Fixing the chair springs

Most of the chair’s springs are located at the back. A chair that squeaks only when you lean back in it is likely to have excessive tension on its springs. In order to gain access to the housing, you will need to remove the turn-knob after loosening the seat tension. You should apply oil to the squeaky parts once you have gained access to them to make them stop squeaking. 

Refrain from collapsing into the chair

There is a way you can make your chair squeak in a short period of time by collapsing heavily into it for a few minutes. Sit gently in it and take precautions not to accelerate the loosening of the joints as much as possible. 

The above tips will definitely help you to stop your chair from squeaking without WD40. But If it does not work, then you will need to replace or repair it with an expert.

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Is there a way to fix squeaky chair springs?

There are several ways to fix squeaky chair without WD-40, but sometimes spring noise occurs then how do you fix squeaky chair springs? Squeaky chairs can be fixed, despite how annoying they are. You may try a number of solutions but still hear squeaking noises. The springs may need to be replaced in these cases. The springs must be purchased from a hardware store or online, but this is a fairly easy repair you can do yourself.

The old springs can be removed and replaced with new ones once they new ones arrive. Ensure that they are tightened thoroughly so that they don’t come loose and continue to make noise when you are not watching.

You should secure the new springs in place to prevent them from falling out and causing squeaking again. The good news is that squeaking chairs can be quieted for good with a little effort, so they can continue to squeak for many years to come.

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Final Words

Using WD 40 is a quick and easy way to fix a squeaky chair and make the chair less squeaky (Whether it’s an office chair or a gaming chair), but it is not always the best option. The above-highlighted points are some of the other ways you can stop a squeaky chair from ruining your day. There are a few easy steps you can follow to fix a squeaky chair without using WD 40. By lubricating the screws, securing the joints, and tightening the bolts, you can easily fix a squeaky chair and keep it in working order. Here is the end of this guide and review you can read more on our website.


How do I get my chair to stop squeaking?

The seat tension spring can be found inside the turnknob housing. Lubricate it with lubricating oil. You can lubricate the spring with oil by loosening the turn-knob and removing it. Keep the axles of the wheels moving smoothly by spraying silicone spray on them.

A chair squeaks in what part?

The springs which cushion your chair when you lean back are one of the main causes of squeaking chairs. One of these springs is the seat-tension spring. There is a fairly simple way to fix these springs. Usually, you can adjust the tension by turning a knob.

What is a squeaking sound in a chair?

There is usually friction between the metal parts of a chair frame and the seat or backrest that causes a squeaking sound. When the moving parts are lubricated with oil, grease, or wax, this friction can often be eliminated. It may also be possible to reduce noise by tightening the screws and bolts.

Why do wooden chairs squeak?

The joints on wooden chairs are usually made from dowels or mortise-and-tenon joints. Dowels and tenons can loosen due to a loss of glue grip. Dowels and tenons slip in and out of their respective pieces as you sit in the chair. It can cause the chair to collapse when it slips and creates that audible squeak.

What oil should I use for a squeaky chair?

For most office chairs, silicone-based lubricants like WD-40 can be used to solve a squeaky noise. Using beeswax when caring for a wooden office chair avoids damaging the wood. Consider using a heavier-duty penetrating oil if your chair is rusted.

Does silicone spray stop squeaking?

It is possible to stop the squeaking by applying lubricant sprays to the rivet or hinge area that is located at the point where the upper and lower components meet. The spray lubricant should be applied directly onto the rivet/hinge area. Any hardware store will be able to provide you with silicone spray lubricant that you can purchase. It is common to use WD-40 Silicone Spray, but you can use any silicone spray if you wish.