Where to Buy N95s, KN95s, and Surgical-Style Masks in 2024

Despite the fact that vaccinations are currently available, recommendations and guidelines are continually unpredictable, and masks will probably be a part of individuals’ lives for quite a while. And surprisingly however medical style masks were next to impossible to find since the beginning of the pandemic (when most were held for front line warriors), they are your best option on the most safeguarding facial covering.  Separating good choice from the bad can be a bit hard. In the recent months, we have tried around several masks and confirmed their filtration claims with government agencies and our own laboratory tests carried out in collaboration with some universities. Here we suggest the authorized masks of N95, KN95, and surgical masks which you can buy from some trustworthy retailers.

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For this test, we tracked respirators masks and approved masks, as well as authentic retailers who sell them. We also checked masks for adjustment, comfort and (for those who require to layer up) compatibility with our cloth mask selections.

Apart from consulting some scientists, retailers, importers, manufacturers, e-commerce expert, and government agencies, we also tested on some respirators and surgical masks. Based on these experiments you can see what could work for you ,just adjust the fit the best you can, and the possibilities are maximum that you will be satisfied with a mask which makes you feels comfortable and confident while wearing. This post will make clear where to Buy N95s, KN95s, and Surgical-Style Masks.

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 Below mentioned are some of our top picks which can easily trust as we have spent a lot of time in finding which is the best N95s mask for you.

Kimberly-Clark N95 pouch Respirator

Light in weight and it is a NIOSH approved   N95. This strange-looking N95, curiously comfortable is a respirator approved by NIOSH for non-medical use.  Kimberly-Clark N95 pouch Respirator headbands are soft but helps in forming a tight seal, and its long nose bridge wire reduces the blurry of glasses.

Despite the strange form of Duckbill, the Kimberly-Clark N95 pouch Respirator is the real masks we suggest. Its ductile stuff and soft strap form a quality seal for most faces, and the generous cut of this mask allows more air to filter for an easier breathing.

Kimberly-Clark N95 pouch Respirator is our favourite because it is the only one of its type that really fits well, and it was surprisingly comfortable. Thanks to its soft amazing build quality, the Kimberly-Clark N95 pouch Respirator must fit to most people. Kimberly-Clark is an well-established manufacturer of tampons, diapers, and other personal care products that humans use for their bodies, and now the firm has taken advantage of this technology in the enlarged mask offers (before the pandemic, manufacturing employees of Kimberly-Clark had used this mask in house). As it is a non-medical respirator, this mask is not tested to protect you from the potential splash of body fluids.

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WellBefore WB-N-200 N95 Respirator Mask

Kimtech® N95 Pouch Respirator, NIOSH Certified, 50 Respirators/Pack (53358)
13,905 Reviews
Kimtech® N95 Pouch Respirator, NIOSH Certified, 50 Respirators/Pack (53358)*
  • 50 Kimtech N95 Pouch Respirators, Universal Size (one size fits most), White respirator with blue headband
  • Provides a minimum of 95% filtration efficiency of 0.3 micron particles; N95 NIOSH- Certified (TC# 84A-9042)
  • Pouch design with a large breathing chamber for added comfort

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  • Large N95 approved by NIOSH

A sturdy headband and ample nose and mouth clearance provide a tight fit and easy breathing. However, this N95 is more expensive than other respirator options. Many NIOSH-approved N95s and KN95s with the headbands we tested were either too big or too tight. The rugged Well before WB-N-200 N95 Respirator Mask was also pleasing to some critic, but a little more importantly, despite creating a good seal, I didn’t feel choked. This is partly due to the plastic brackets on both sides of the mask, which allows you to adjust the headband as needed. But it also thanks to the spacious space the mask provides above the nose and mouth, which provides enough space to circulate the filtered air. The foam strip on the wire of the nose bridge provides some damping.

“It’s quite a mask,” noted many testers, referring to the plastic and foam properties of Wellbefore, wide headbands and collars. This mask is more than twice as expensive as other masks, the lighter but exotic Kimberly-Clarke N95 mask and the Powecom KN95 mask which is easy to wear but less adjustable.

Powecom KN95 Respirator Mask

Powecom KN95 Protective Face Mask (10-Pack) Reusable, High Class Protection Against Particulates & Dust; FDA EUA LIST*
  • This Product is Included on FDA Emergency Use Authorization List and manufactured by Guangzhou Powecom Labor Insurance Supplies.,LTD
  • 10 Masks: Each package contains (10) FDA EUA listed KN95 Masks
  • DAILY-USE: Suitable for adults’ daily personal use in a variety of environments, such as travel, work and outdoors. Also wind proof and protects the face against cold weather.

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  • Powecom KN95 respirator mask (with headband)

Powecom KN95 respirator mask comes with a headband. If you prefer headbands over the ear loops, you will find that this ear friendly mask fits better.

Powecom KN95 breathing mask (Mask without ear loops)

  • KN95 multipurpose

Easy to on and Easy to off respirator, the KN95 has earrings that stretch for a wider fit, but are also easy to close for a more comfortable fit.

The FDA-approved KN95 mask offers a wide choice – you can choose between ear loops or black or white headbands. We purchased Powecom masks direct from importers and distributors via Bona Fide masks. This is a reputable website inherited by Ball Chain Manufacturing, the world’s massive manufacturer of ball chain products – you know, a chain of metal beads that holds keys together, turns lights on and off, and bears the Military dogs’ tags. With the ball chain business, the company already had credible resources in China.

KN95 is listed under the FDA Emergency License (Appendix A) for NIOSH Approved respirators made in china. Although it is no longer recommended for healthcare professionals as the N95 inventory has been replenished, it is still useful for everyone. We like that the mask accessories are firmly attached (more so than most) and can be easily adjusted. In addition, in contrast to the flat, they are slightly rounded so that they are a little softer in the ear. We also like that you can buy 10 masks in one package (although you can order up to 10,000 masks). The dimensions aren’t too big or too small for most of our experimenters, but they are also suitable for bearded people (although facial hair naturally reduces the seal). The drawbacks are, it’s difficult to have a nice fit with the ear loop version of this mask well. The masks cannot be adjusted without a cord lock and ductile fabric. Connecting the ear loop prevents air from escaping my chin but somehow increased the fog and made blurry my glasses. Headbands, on the other hand, ensure a comfortable fit. One experimenter found that the headband version of this mask is very well built for reasons of comfort (the ear loop version is very much preferred).

Best Surgical Style Mask

Surgical masks are cheaper and thinner than N95 designs and other masks, but since they tend to be used on both sides, they need to be modified slightly to provide optimal protection. As the CDC suggests, if you add it, you can put knot on ear loops and fold the sides or add an adjustable fabric mask (like one of our choices). You can do both. We have tried several surgical masks in the last few months and in most cases the differences are barely noticeable. DemeTechDeme Mask Surgical Mask is our favourite pick because in terms of level of protection it is more valuable than the other masks that we have considered reliable.

DemeTechDeme Mask Surgical Mask (Ear loop face masks)

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  • Elastic surgical mask with beautiful ear loops

This full-light weight surgical mask is also ideal for layering and has soft earrings and folded edges. They’re more expensive than most disposable masks made in usa, but they’re more likely to be sold.

This is the most disposable pleated mask used worldwide. The DemetechDememask Surgical mask is the FDA 510 (K) -standards and has ASTM standards at the third level, because they are able to block 98% molecule as little like 0.1 microns (assuming a good seal) . We love an exceptional soft felt ear loops that feels combined and does not dig in ears because most other elastic variants do. These sections are also securely connected, so when you put this on or take it off, the buckle is less likely to be popped off (as we noticed with cheaper models). It has soft edges; the Dememask node is really very easy to knot when wearing it alone and also gives a secure fit, when worn solely. We also like that it offers a small format (can work for some older children) and a tie variant, which can be especially useful for people who wear hearing aids. One of the dislike thing about this mask is DemeTechDemeMask Surgical Mask is more expensive than most wrinkle masks you can find online or at the pharmacy, although the price is almost the same as masks with the same filter validity, such as the CVS Health surgical face mask.

  • Medical-style masks we like

These masks differed from other competitors due to the positive feedback we received from a relatively large group of participants and their high performance in the filter effect test. However, it’s not as cheap as our current picked ones – depending on your needs, it may be an extra cost for you.

4CAir AireTrust Nano Mask

The 4Cair Aire trust Nano mask is the thinnest KN95 mask we tested, thanks to nanotechnology. The mask is less like padding and more similar to paper, the mask feels lightweight on the face and better breathability. One of the panelists said: “My face did not believe this because it is very light.”  “After two minutes I forgot that it was there only.” Since this mask has not been cleared by the FDA, we have tested the masks on our own by checking filtration quality in collaboration with Colorado researchers and confirmed that as advertised, 99% of small molecules such as 0.5 microns were filtered. Respirators are often over no size, so we like that this mask offers three sizes: small (for children), medium, and large; Small format has a cord plug in-ear loops.

Kyungin Flax KF94

Because of the larger “boat” structure of the KF94 masks (a horizontal rectangle that hangs over the bridge of the nose and chin to secure itself), they are a little difficult to adjust, and different members have different opinions on which is the best fit. However, if you want to try one out, the Kyungin Flax KF94 might be a great choice. Like many KF94s that hit the US market after the epidemic ended, Kyungin Flax has not received NIOSH or FDA approval. So, working with Colorado, we tested mask filtration – and found that it blocks 99% of the tiny particles as small as 0.5 microns.

In general, most KF94s are thinner than the cvsN95 and KN95 we tested (with the exception of the Kimberly Clark mask we recommend and the 4CaireTrust Nano mask, which we also prefer). Boat shapes like this one give the nose and mouth more confidence. Kyungin flax has no difference. One more thing we liked is this mask is around $ 24 for a pack of 20, which is about a third to half the price of many other products. However, this mask is only made in one size and thing makes it harder to be on our top lists. If you prefer the KF94 mask and have a narrower chin or face, you may have a better chance with doctor masks like Dr Puri, blue mask or etiqa.