11 Best Fitness Trackers for Volleyball Players – December 2023

The best fitness trackers are great tools for getting a record of volleyball playing activities, being more active, planning the lifestyle of volleyball players for getting more sleep, and getting a better idea of your overall health this year if you’re looking to get in better shape. Tracking your progress and getting help on how hard to push yourself can be helpful.

In addition to measuring your heart rate and blood oxygen levels, the best fitness trackers for volleyball players in 2023 can also let you know if you’re well-rested. Many fitness trackers can be used for a variety of tasks when not used for workouts, such as buying groceries, playing music, also the best fitness tracker under budget, and more.

Here are our top picks for volleyball players :

Best Fitness Tracker Overall: 

Fitbit Charge 5: Comfortable and stylish, the Fitbit Charge 5 sports a brighter OLED display and better sensors than its predecessor.

Best cheap fitness tracker : 

The Amazfit Band 5: Although not a great tracker, the Amazfit Band 5 still does more than other trackers of its price, while offering a more minimal price tag.

Best Fitness Tracker for Android Users: 

Garmin Venu 2 Plus:  This new Garmin fitness tracking smartwatch for Android is the best fitness tracking smartwatch on the market. Additionally, it’s one of the most comprehensive products we’ve ever tested.

Best Fitness Tracker for iPhone Users: 

Apple Watch Series 7: It is the best smartwatch for tracking fitness for iPhone users. It offers great fitness tracking capabilities and is one of the best smartwatches you can buy.

Best Fitness Tracker Premium Offering:

Fitbit Sense: Fitbit Sense, another fitness-tracking smartwatch, is another noteworthy fitness tracker. Though it is expensive, it isn’t quite as expensive as some of its competitors.

It can be difficult to choose the best fitness tracker or fitness watch for your needs when so many devices are available. To see which excel, and which couldn’t make it past the starting line, we spent hours finding the Best fitness trackers for volleyball players in USA 2023.

See all the best fitness trackers and fitness watches listed below, and if you prefer something more sophisticated, take a look at our smartwatch guide.

Which volleyball fitness trackers work best?

Fitness trackers are dominated by the Fitbit Charge 5 at the moment. Volleyball play activity,  GPS, sleep tracking, and wireless payment capabilities are included, in addition to extensive health tracking. Additionally, the device has a bright touchscreen display that responds instantly to swipes and taps, making it swim-proof. 

In addition, it also has an ECG heart rate monitor, which is normally found in more expensive trackers. This article with detailed points about the best fitness smartwatch will help you to choose the best fitness trackers for volleyball players.

Are you looking for a product with more features? You can choose from 25 different workout modes while using the Garmin Venu 2 plus. This watch also has all of the run-tracking features you’d expect from Garmin, plus you can store up to 650 songs on it, make and answer phone calls from the watch, and summon Siri or Google Assistant. 

Best Fitness Trackers for Volleyball Players

Sr No.

Product Image

Product Name



Fitbit Charge 5


Amazfit Band 5


Fitbit Sense


Garmin Forerunner 245


Garmin Venu 2 Plus


Samsung Galaxy Watch 4


Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6


Fitbit Inspire 2


Garmin Vivomove Sport


Apple Watch Series 7


Fitbit Versa 3

1. Fitbit Charge 5 : Best fitness tracker overall


  • Heart rate monitor: Yes
  • GPS: Yes
  • Water resistance: 50 meters
  • Display: 0.86 X 0.58 inches AMOLED touchscreen
  • On-board music: No
  • Mobile payments: Yes
  • Swim tracking: Yes
  • Battery life: 7 days/5 hours with GPS
  • ECG monitor: Yes

Why you should buy:

  • +Bright, always-on display
  • +Fast connecting GPS
  • +Addition of an ECG monitor

Reasons to avoid: 

  • Fitbit lacks buttons, which makes the app difficult to use
  • -No Spotify compatibility

Fitbit’s latest tracker comes equipped with some exciting features, including the ECG heart rate monitor that is typically reserved for more expensive devices. We noticed that the Fitbit Charge 4’s always-on color screen is an upgrade from the Fitbit Charge 4 – you can read it in bright sunlight, and it’s the best fitness tracker for volleyball players.  

The Daily Readiness Score feature on Fitbit shows your activity fatigue (fitness), heart rate variability (HRV), and recent sleep, so you can see how prepared you are for a big workout. 

For the price tag, this watch has impressive features, looks good on your wrist, and has the best wristband. If you ask can I see GPS screen in sunlight? Then this tracker is easy to read in the bright sunlight. The color screen alone may make it worth upgrading if you have an older Fitbit Charge 3. 

When the Fitbit Charge 5 is released, you can save money by purchasing the Fitbit Charge 4, which was the best fitness tracker before the release of the Charge 5.

2. Amazfit Band 5: The best cheap fitness tracker


  • Price: Amazfit Band 5 is the best fitness tracker at cheap rate
  • Size: 1.9 x 0.7 x 0.5 inches
  • Display: 126 x 294 pixels
  • Battery life: 15 days
  • Swim-proof: Yes
  • Sleep tracking: Yes
  • GPS: No
  • Heart rate sensor: Yes

Why you should buy:

  • +Affordable
  • +Lightweight, comfortable design
  • +Actionable sleep tracking

Reasons to avoid

  • The display is hard to see in sunlight

Amazfit Band 5 promises many of the features of premium smartwatches at a fraction of the price of its premium counterparts but at a fraction of the price. Amazfit Band 5 is the best fitness tracker under budget. The device comes with tools that can be found in high-end health monitors, including blood oxygen (SpO2) readings, stress management, high heart rate alerts, Amazon Alexa integration, sleep tracking, and a few other features.

We have tested the Amazfit Band 5 and found it to track fitness and sleep well, not great but respectable for the low cost while offering more functionality than other trackers in its price range. This is the best smartwatch under 50 dollar. Even better, the device’s battery lasted for 15 days and didn’t need to be charged constantly.

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3. Fitbit Sense: The best fitness tracking smartwatch


  • Sizes: 40mm
  • Battery Life (Rated): 6 days
  • GPS: Yes
  • Sleep tracking: Yes
  • Swim-Proof: Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
  • LTE: No
  • Mobile Payments: Optional, Fitbit Pay
  • Compatibility: iOS, Android

Why you should buy:

  • +Attractive
  • +Long battery life
  • +Comprehensive fitness/health features

Reasons to avoid

  • No Spotify storage

It has more advanced health and wellness features than Fitbit’s Versa lineup and is the company’s top-shelf smartwatch. We found that the Fitbit Sense gave us a more comprehensive view of our overall health during our testing. 

Fitbit Sense’s ECG sensor has FDA approval, and it also measures skin temperature and electrodermal activity. This is also the best smartwatch for strength training

A fitness tracker that works with both iOS and Android, the Sense comes with an integrated app store, a GPS-enabled device, and Alexa. The Fitbit Sense is the best smartwatch, too: Fitbit devices like the Fitbit Sense no longer just track our steps. Thus these features make it the best fitness tracker for Volleyball Players.

4. Garmin Forerunner 245


  • Sizes: One size, with adjustable strap
  • Battery Life (Rated): 11 hours(using GPS and heart rate)
  • GPS: Yes
  • Sleep Tracking: Yes
  • Swim-Proof: Yes (but no swim-tracking mode)
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Yes

Why you should buy:

  • +Accurate GPS and a heart-rate monitor
  • +Easy to read in the sunlight
  • +Customizable interface
  • +Onboard music storage

Reasons to avoid

  • The app could be better organized

Sports watches are among the best you can buy, and one of our favorites is the Garmin Forerunner 245. While it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, this running watch is small and light with built-in GPS and a colorful display that’s easy to read in bright sunlight. 

It is even better than you can listen to music while you play volleyball since it has its own music storage unit. The 245 also calculates your V02 max score and provides a recovery advisor that lets you know how much rest you should take between runs. In our testing, we found that this watch can serve for a week of workouts on a single charge, which is not bad for a watch of this caliber. 

This watch is the best fitness tracker for volleyball players in the USA, especially beginners – also it is the best affordable smartwatch it is much more affordable than some of the other best Garmin watches, it is small and lightweight, and you can download Garmin’s training plans directly to the watch, which can help you get faster and race smarter. 

5. Garmin Venu 2 Plus: The best Garmin smartwatch on the market


  • Sizes: 43mm
  • Battery Life (Rated): 9 days (8 hours GPS)
  • GPS: Yes
  • Sleep Tracking: Yes
  • Swim-Proof: Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Yes

Why you should buy:

  • +Stunning AMOLED display
  • +Reliable fitness tracking and Garmin Coach
  • +Call quality is better than expected
  • +Fantastic battery life

Reasons to avoid

  • Recovery advice could be better
  • Not enough third-party apps

Garmin Venu 2 Plus is a huge improvement over the Garmin Venu 2, one of the best fitness tracking smartwatches on the market. Garmin’s Venu line added voice assistance and online calling to keep up with some of its biggest competitors. What’s the result? Smartwatches just got more intelligent. 

With 25 workout modes and all of the run-tracking features you’ve come to expect from Garmin, we found that the Venu 2 Plus is also capable of storing up to 650 songs on the watch, making and answering calls from the watch, and summoning Siri or Google Assistant.

6. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Best fitness tracker with body composition analysis


  • Sizes: One size, with an adjustable strap
  • Battery Life (Rated): 40 hours
  • GPS: Yes
  • Sleep Tracking: Yes
  • Swim-Proof: Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Yes

Reasons to buy

  • +First major smartwatch with body composition analysis 
  • +Slim design 
  • +Bright watch face 

Reasons to avoid

  • Concerns with BIA sensor 
  • Battery life can be inconsistent 

If you’re looking to monitor your volleyball play activity and health from your wrist, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a great option as the best wrist band for whether you have a Samsung phone or not. With a 3-in-1 health sensor, you can measure your heart rate, take ECGs, and calculate your body composition – this smartwatch is the first to offer bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), which helps you manage your health goals.  

In addition to tracking your daily activities, the watch automatically tracks your workouts for when you forget to press start, so you can always keep an eye on your body composition even if you are not interested. Thus these features make it the best fitness tracker for Volleyball Players. With GPS and activity tracking enabled, we found that the battery life was not long enough to last us the 40 hours Samsung suggests unless you’re playing volleyball continuously for any hours.  

7. Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6: The best fitness tracker under 50 Dollar


  • Size: 1.9 x 4.8 x 1.2 cm; 13 Grams
  • Battery life: 15 days
  • GPS: No Built-in GPS
  • Sleep tracking: Yes
  • Swim-proof: Yes
  • Heart rate monitor: Yes

Why you should buy:

  • +Sleep tracking is good
  • +Heart rate, skin temperature, oxygen sensors
  • +Smart design and style
  • +Interchangeable bands

Reasons to avoid

  • It does require a monthly subscription 
  • No screen
  • No GPS

As the best fitness tracker under 50 Dollars, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 is available on Amazon for a reasonable price.

With the Mi Smart Band 6, you get around the same price as the Mi Band 5. The 6 has a bigger screen, more activity tracking, and an oxygen sensor.

An AMOLED display measures just over an inch in length on the watch face. My favorite feature of this watch is the big, easy-to-read screen that displays the time, date, steps, and battery life. Similar to other fitness trackers, the strap is made of silicone plastic. Unless you prefer a different color, you can purchase the Mi band 6 online in any of six different colors and all are the best smartwatch band.

Apart from this, the Mi Smart Band 6 can track 30 other workout modes specifically designed for volleyball players.

With the Mi Band 6, you can charge it in just two hours, and it can last up to 14 days. The fitness tracker charge offers a lot of conveniences, especially to people who usually charge their devices every night.

The Mi Band 6 was initially worn in conjunction with my Apple Watch Series 6 to determine if there were any discrepancies between the two. There were minor differences between the two. I had more trouble getting my heart rate to register when I was doing cardio or high-intensity interval training with the Mi Band 6. In addition, my Mi Band 6 stated I had taken more steps every day than my Apple Watch did. This isn’t a deal-breaker, but it is worth considering.

One year warranty is included with the Mi Band 6. However, since they are an international company, customer service can be difficult to reach. Xiaomi’s website had an email address and phone number, but I had to dig for them.

MiBand has a compatible app, just like most higher-priced fitness trackers. You can still track activity and keep in touch with friends through QR codes, even if there aren’t any fun challenges or hundreds of workout classes.

8. Fitbit Inspire 2: Best fitness tracker under 100 Dollar


  • Size: 8.9 x 3.9 x 1.2 inches
  • Battery life: 10 days
  • GPS: No
  • Sleep tracking: Yes
  • Swim-proof: Yes
  • Heart rate monitor: Yes

Why you should buy:

  • +Slim, lightweight design
  • +Accurate sleep-tracking
  • +Affordable

Reasons to avoid

  • Small display

As one of the best fitness trackers overall, and one of the best Fitbits on a budget, the Inspire 2 is one of the best fitness trackers available today. The Charge 3 is in essence a slimmed-down, slightly stripped-down version of the Charge 3, which makes it ideal for people looking to track their sleep and steps.

With an OLED touchscreen display (tinier than the Charge 4 and Charge 3’s), heart rate monitoring, and smartphone notifications, Inspire 2 is similar to the Charge 3 and Charge 4. However, you can use your smartphone’s GPS to accurately track your outdoor activities if you wish, since the Inspire HR is not built-in with GPS.

9. Garmin Vivomove Sport: One of the best fitness trackers under 200 Dollar


  • Size: 40mm
  • Battery Life: 5 days smartwatch mode (6 days watch mode)
  • GPS: No
  • Sleep Tracking: Yes
  • Swim-Proof: Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Yes

Why you should buy:

  • +Stylish, lightweight design 
  • +Female health tracking 
  • +Breathwork activities for stress relief 
  • +Plus, you can use it without a phone as a watch

Reasons to avoid

  • No in-built GPS 
  • Can be fiddly to use

This Vivomove Sport version has more health tracking features, is smaller, lighter, and more advanced than the Vivomove HR Sport version and the smart band for boys and the smart band for girls. The Vivomove Sport offers more than just a pretty face; it can track ten different activities, as well as your sleep, hydration, and menstrual cycle.

The hidden display on the Vivomove smartwatches only appears when you move your wrist. A small, discrete white font lights up when you move the cursor over the date and time. On the Vivomove watch, you can also view your stress levels, body battery, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, and menstrual cycle on your wrist, unlike on other Vivomove watches that only display your phone notifications. In addition to tracking your hydration levels and breathing, the watch also has the option to perform some mindful breathing exercises. 

Vivomove Sport isn’t the best if you’re looking to track your runs or bike rides on the go, as it is a little difficult to use while you’re on the go. Thus these features make it the best fitness tracker for Volleyball Players. Furthermore, there’s no built-in GPS, which means you’ll have to carry your phone with you. 

10. Apple Watch Series 7: Best fitness tracker for iPhone users


  • Sizes: 41mm, 45mm
  • Battery Life (Rated): 18 hours
  • GPS: Yes
  • Swim-Proof: Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
  • LTE: Optional
  • Mobile Payments: Apple Pay
  • Compatibility: iOS

Why you should buy:

  • +Larger display
  • +Brighter always-on mode
  • +QWERTY keyboard
  • +Comes with USB-C magnetic charger

Reasons to avoid

  • No added health features
  • Still 18-hour battery life

We think the Apple Watch Series 7 is the best smartwatch yet and worth the upgrade even if the Apple Watch Series 6 is a cheaper choice. 

You can choose this for volleyball play and you can also add workouts to Workout via the app. You can now take Tai Chi or outdoor cycling workouts with the app when you’re on your bike, so it can detect when you’re on your bike. In addition, the cycling algorithm has been tweaked to incorporate metrics for the best electric bikes, which are less taxing than regular bikes.  

The company has also launched Apple Fitness Plus, a fitness subscription with hundreds of workouts apart from playing volleyball. The Apple Watch has a battery life of 18 hours, which is less than some of the other trackers on this list. 

11. Fitbit Versa 3: The best fitness tracker for sleep tracking


  • Sizes: One size
  • Battery Life (Rated): 6 days
  • GPS: Yes
  • Sleep Tracking: Yes
  • Swim-Proof: Yes
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Yes
  • +Good battery life
  • +Custom training programs (with subscription)
  • +Great sleep analysis

Reasons to avoid

  • Can only use one voice assistant at once

Fitbit Versa 3, which is the next generation of the Fitbit Versa 2, is the best fitness tracker for tracking sleep after you finish playing volleyball. Among its many upgrades is the onboard GPS. The Versa can now track your location while you exercise outdoors, even if you leave your phone at home. The larger, curved display is also appreciated. 

Moreover, the Versa 3 has been enhanced with a new workout feature, Active Zone Minutes. Active Zone Minutes, which came with the Charge 4, monitors how much time you spend playing volleyball and your fitness routine and peak heart rate zones. Each week, you should aim for 150 minutes of active zone time, as recommended by the AHA and WHO.

Our selection and testing process

Fitness trackers on this list were carefully selected after we researched and tested them according to the following criteria:

  • Does it feel comfortable to wear while playing volleyball? 
  • Do you have any trouble putting it on and taking it off? 
  • Is it comfortable to wear while exercising? 
  • Are you pleased with the style? 
  • Is it accurate to count steps with activity tracking for volleyball players? 
  • Can workouts be tracked with it? 
  • Can resistance training be tracked with it?
  • Do you have the ability to record workouts? 
  • What progress can you make based on previous training?
  • Does it accurately measure heart rate while playing volleyball? 
  • What was your impression of its accuracy?
  • Is it possible to go several days without charging my battery?

Security and privacy: Will my phone sync with this fitness tracker? Is GPS integrated into the tracker? Is Bluetooth supported by this fitness tracker? Do you have an app for the fitness tracker?

Ease of use: Is it easy to access all of the features? Can you easily navigate the website? What about tracking and recording stats?

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Benefits of Fitness trackers for volleyball players:

Perhaps you are wondering, “Why the heck do I need a fitness tracker?“ Well, dear reader, there are a lot of reasons. 

Any fitness enthusiast can benefit from owning one, regardless of their level of fitness. By tracking your goals and tracking your workout, sleep, and recovery statistics, you can improve your performance.

Keeping track of goals: Your activity levels may be way over or underestimated without a fitness tracker. Trackers will encourage you to stay accountable for your fitness goals despite the frustration of not seeing results.

The fitness tracker shows you how many steps you take, how many active minutes you spend, and how many calories you burn throughout the day. Several apps recommend workouts, offer tips for success and provide a plan you can follow to reach your goals.

Better Recovery: Fitness trackers can serve as tools for recovery and well-being with better technology. Your training for tomorrow can be optimized if you know your REM cycle and general sleep patterns. It might be time for a light workout if you didn’t get a good night’s sleep (sleep experts recommend adults get 7-9 hours of sleep).

For instance, you can measure strain on your body with the Whoop Strap 3.0. For instance, you might be too fatigued or strained to perform well tomorrow if you did a difficult workout the day before. Your body’s needs can be better understood by using a fitness tracker.

It’s a community: Connecting to other users is possible on most fitness trackers that have an app. Keeping motivated and accountable is easier with a community. Many fitness trackers give users the option to connect with friends, to participate in challenges, and climb leadership boards. With the Apple Watch Series 6, you can compete with friends weekly to see who can smash their goal of moving more. Fitness doesn’t always have this level of competition and fun.

What should I look for when choosing a fitness tracker for volleyball?

It needn’t be stressful to buy a fitness tracker. I’ve done my best to eliminate the hassle for you by testing and researching. Take a look at the factors to take into account if you want to purchase the best fitness tracker watch.

Pricing:  The cheapest fitness trackers are available in the market, and the most expensive options are as well. If you are on a budget, decide what fitness features you are willing to sacrifice in order to save money, and you can find the best fitness tracker under budget easily. 

There is generally a price for everything. You’re more likely to run into problems with a $20 fitness tracker than you would with a more expensive one. For expensive trackers like the Apple watch, financing is often available if you cannot pay in one go.

Tracking your Volleyball activity: Fitness trackers tracking the latest technology can record so much more than just playing volleyball. 

Wearables can help you keep track of these things:

  •     Volleyball playing activity
  •     Cardio: rowing, elliptical, walking, hiking, dancing, HIIT
  •     Strength: lifting weights, core training
  •     Sleep (REM, restlessness, tracking hours)
  •     Menstrual Cycle

Technology: There are many options for technology in today’s fitness trackers. Most of them can be connected to apps, smartphones, and even friends. Some of the features you might want your fitness tracker to have are as follows:

  •     Enjoy music, audiobooks, and podcasts
  •     Monitor your EKG and blood oxygen levels
  •     To view notifications, texts, calls, and emails, connect to your smartphone
  •     Payments can be made virtually
  •     Connect with your friends and compete on compatible apps
  •     Form suggestions and performance assessments
  •     GPS route tracking
  •     Statistics on sleep (REM, restlessness, hours slept)
  •     Variability of HR, resting HR, and circadian rhythm

Style & Design: While some fitness trackers are slim and discrete, others are bulkier and easier to read. Fitness trackers often come with options to customize the smartwatch band and watch faces. There are numerous colors and materials to choose from, so pick a few that fit your lifestyle and can be interchanged.

Display: A fitness tracker display can take the form of a simple LED display, a watch face, or only an app. The faces of some people are larger and easier to read, while the faces of others are smaller and harder to see for those with far-sightedness. While some fitness trackers have black-and-white displays, the Apple Watch Series 7 has a full-color display. Remember to adjust the brightness and/or dimness of your screen when going out into the sun if it dims or brightens without your interaction.

Lifestyle Compatibility: Several of you are looking for the best fitness trackers for volleyball players in online market to keep tabs on your marathon training, while others are looking for a way to stay active and get enough steps each day. Your fitness tracker needs to be compatible with the type of exercise you prefer. Getting a data-driven fitness tracker like the Whoop 4.0 can help you attain your training goals if you’re a serious athlete.

Water-Resistant: When considering a swim tracker, water resistance is one of the most important factors to consider. Fitness trackers fall into seven categories based on their water ratings. IPX7 is the lowest level of water resistance, meaning it can withstand mild exposure to water for only 30 minutes, such as a shower or rain.

Battery Life: You may not be able to charge your fitness tracker every night, depending on the type of activity you enjoy. You might choose a wearable with long battery life if, for example, you enjoy hiking or camping and will not have access to an outlet.

It is also important to remember that certain features will wear down the battery of a tracker faster. The GPS feature, in particular, will consume a lot of battery power. Fortunately, some trackers can be charged quickly, so your wearable will be up and running in no time.


Can you play volleyball with a Fitbit?

Yes! Volleyball is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all fitness levels. A Fitbit is a fitness tracker that can be used to monitor your activity level and progress. While it is not necessary to have a Fitbit to play volleyball, it can be helpful in tracking your fitness level and progress.

Which is the Best volleyball workout app?

It is never too late for volleyball players to find new and inventive ways to improve their game. Volleyball workout apps are great for improving your skills and getting in shape. Strength, speed, and agility can be improved with the help of this app’s comprehensive workout program. For peak performance, the app includes a nutrition plan.

Does fitness trackers really work?

If you’re considering buying a fitness tracker, you might wonder if they really work. The answer is both yes and no. While fitness trackers can help you track your activity and calorie burn, they won’t magically transform you into a fitter person. You still have to work hard.

What are the best fitness trackers for volleyball?

Volleyball players can benefit from a variety of fitness trackers. It is important to find a device that tracks your heart rate, since this is a key metric for measuring your exertion level. In addition to tracking steps, distance, and calories burned, another feature to look for is the ability to record the number of calories burned. GPS is also available in some fitness trackers, which can help you track your progress and map your routes.

How do fitness trackers help with volleyball?

Volleyball players can benefit from fitness trackers. They can help you keep track of your heart rate, steps taken, and calories burned. This information can help you better understand your physical fitness and where you need to improve. Any athlete should also monitor their sleep and recovery using fitness trackers.

What are the different features of fitness trackers?

1. Heart rate monitoring
2. Maintaining a breathing monitor
3. Keeping track of calories burned
4. Monitoring cardio fitness levels
5. Tracking your sleep
6. Alarm that is silent

Which fitness tracker for volleyball is best for me?

Fitness trackers are available in a variety of styles. Ultimately, it all depends on what you want and what you need. If you want a fitness tracker for volleyball, then you should check out the Fitbit Charge 5 or the Apple Watch Series. If you’re just looking for something to count your steps, then the Jawbone UP2 or the Misfit Flash might be better options for you.

How do fitness trackers help improve volleyball performance?

By tracking players’ activity levels and physical activity, fitness trackers can help volleyball players improve their performance. It is possible for players to improve their game by monitoring their daily activity and making necessary changes as needed. Moreover, fitness trackers can assist players in monitoring their calorie intake and expenditure, which can help them make better nutrition and diet decisions.

What are the best features of fitness trackers for volleyball?

Sports like volleyball require a high level of fitness since they are physically demanding. A good fitness tracker can help you stay on top of your game by monitoring your activity level and heart rate. Keeping pushing yourself to improve your performance can also motivate you.